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Immediate laparoscopy or laparotomy to examine the abdominal contents to assess bowel injury Anytime before 12 weeks. The cervix is dilated using cervical dilators and the uterine contents are evacuated using a cannula that is attached to a handheld syringe which has the vacuum source The cervix is dilated using cervical dilators and the uterine contents are evacuated using an electrically powered vacuum device Anytime before 14 weeks The cervix is dilated using osmotic dilators placed intracervically 1 2 days prior to the procedure to slowly soften and dilate the cervix and thus minimize mechanical damage to the cervix. At the time of the procedure, these are removed and mechanical dilators are used for further dilation as needed. The uterine contents are evacuated using specialized forceps (sophers and bierers). Many people confirm completion by performing a curettage and feeling a good cri (gritty texture) throughout the cavity. Vacuum can also be used to remove any remaining blood or tissue Anytime before 24 weeks, depending on the legal limit in the state It is similar to a D&E except that the fetus is delivered in breech presentation through the dilated cervix and the cranial contents are suctioned before delivery of the fetal head From approximately 18 24 weeks It potentially minimizes uterine and cervical injury from the fetal bones and from instrumentation Yes. Women given antibiotics periabortion have a lower risk of postoperative infection
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After a pointer is declared, but before it has been assigned a value, it will contain an arbitrary value. Should you try to use the pointer prior to giving it a value, you will probably crash not only your program, but perhaps even the operating system of your computer (a very nasty type of error!). While there is no sure way to avoid using an uninitialized pointer, C++ programmers have adopted a procedure that helps prevent some errors. By convention, if a pointer contains the null (zero) value, it is assumed to point to nothing. Thus, if all unused pointers are given the null value and you avoid the use of a null pointer, you can avoid the accidental misuse of an uninitialized pointer. This is a good practice to follow. Any type of pointer can be initialized to null when it is declared. For example, the following initializes p to null:
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Since print_vertical( ) is declared as void, it cannot be used in an expression. For example, the following statement is wrong, and will not compile:
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Part I:
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Cisco ASA Configuration
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Transporting Voice by Using IP
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Related Functions
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IEEE was given the Ethernet patents by Xerox and now officially licenses it to any manufacturer.
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ost of the time when you create or import an object, it s not exactly where you want it on the page. It might be an inch away from where you want it, or a little too large, or rotated a few degrees off from where you want it to be you get the picture. This chapter covers the common, and not so common, methods you can use in CorelDRAW for transforming objects, from the manual approach to pin-point precise numerical entry. After reading this chapter, you ll have the skills and techniques for composing elements on a page the way you want them, and you can stop cursing at the cursor!
Minimum Aperture: Maximum Aperture: Minimum Shutter Speed: Maximum Shutter Speed:
I know that on the Windows side to get the autostart it is a function of what you put in the AUTORUN.INF le, but I'm curious on the Mac side what actually kicks off the autostart. Chris: It is a switch that you throw in the Adaptec Toast software for setting up CD burns. When you are treating the Mac le, you can enter a le that you want it to autostart. In terms of the disc architecture, you do have a small Mac partition that is unique that you can't even see on the Window side. Is that true Chris: It works like this: You make a temporary partition on a hard drive in Toast. Then you copy all the les that you are going to use for both platforms into that partition. Then you drag the whole partition into Toast and that works for the Mac. You then have to go in separately and drag les that are in that partition into Toast again for the PC version. You get one CD where both partitions share the common les. Jeff: Windows can read ISO 9660, and so can the Mac now. But, then there is a special partition that is a Mac-only partition. Chris: Mac can read ISO 9660, but you do have to count on the user having certain extensions and managers enabled. It would be great to just be able to make ISO discs, but some projects you really do have to make a Mac partition. With every project, there are usually one or two les that you only want one partition to see. Looking at the le contents of the disc, it looks as though it might be Level 2 ISO 9660. Some les appear to be longer than the 8.3 format. Chris: This is done with another switch in Toast. You set the premastering so Toast will only burn les that conform to 8.3, or you can make the naming conventions looser. There is a Joliet standard that lets you do DOS plus Windows 95, or you can just specify Macintosh naming conventions. Toast will just burn everything according to your selections. So, you used Joliet throughout this CD-ROM Chris: I think we did use Joliet on that CD. It sounds like it is fairly safe at this stage of computer evolution to use those lenaming conventions for both Mac and PC users
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Optical fiber distribution
A two-dimensional indexer.
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