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In order to open a document with the HTML Interactive Viewer, you must set your InfoView Preferences for Web Intelligence as shown in 17. Figure 19-1 shows the Product Sales Report in the Interactive Viewer. Compare this to the same report shown in Figure 18-1 via the standard HTML viewer. Note that with the Interactive Viewer, you now have an additional toolbar for formatting the report, an Edit button to modify the report or query, an Insert pull-down menu, and additional options in the Document and View pull-down menus. The Left panel in the HTML Interactive Viewer is called the Context panel. It has many more capabilities than the standard HTML viewer shown in 18, including the ability to see additional objects in the query (but perhaps not displayed in the report) and a data summary that displays a description of each object. The data summary is nothing short of excellent. Finally, report consumers as well as query authors can clearly see the universe object descriptions. If Data Integrator is part of your deployment, then the data summary
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FIGURE 11.2.
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Chemistry: Matter and Change 23
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What are pediculosis pubis and scabies What causes pediculosis pubis Parasitic infections of the pubic area The crab louse Phthirus pubis a blood-sucking parasite that lives on hair shafts and lays eggs (nits) The itch mite Sarcoptes scabiei a parasite that burrows underneath the skin and lays eggs Primarily through sexual contact. Can also be through fomites (clothing, sheets) Intense pruritus over the genital area, especially at night. Polymorphic papules may be seen in scabies. Visualization of the parasites or eggs (nits) under a microscope (skin scrapings) or magnifying glass Permethrin 1% cream (first line) Lindane 1% shampoo (second line) (contraindicated in pregnant/ lactating women) All clothing and sheets should be washed in hot water and isolated for at least 3 days after treatment. All contacts must be treated What other tests should be ordered Screening tests for other sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia)
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wavelength (or energy) of the light. Violet light is the most energetic visible wavelength. It requires only 15 seconds to reduce the same amount of silver bromide that is reduced in 5.5 minutes with yellow light. Why is a red light used in most darkrooms
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N/m2 m 1 kg s 2 N m kg m2/s2 J/s
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Interworking with H.323
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Normally friction tends to slow objects down. But if the average velocity is kept constant, then the result of the friction will be a drop in pressure as the fluid moves along a length of tube. The pressure drop represents a reduction in potential energy as the potential energy (of pressure) is converted into kinetic energy in order to overcome the friction and keep the fluid moving at a constant average velocity. For a viscous (nonfrictionless) fluid, the relationship between the flow rate, the fluid s viscosity, the radius of a tube, and the pressure drop along a given length of tube is given by Poiseuille s Law. Q=
In the last section, you used the report-based ranking to rank data within a report. The server-based ranking is much more powerful in that you can rank data against the full data set. So you can answer questions such as Who are my top ten customers by revenue What products did my top ten customers buy What are my top ten products according to margin To perform a server-based ranking, follow these steps: 1. From the Java Report panel, select Edit Query. 2. Select Add A Database Ranking from the Query toolbar. 3. This will add a ranking row to the Query Filters section. Use the Top/Bottom toggle to select if you want the Top or Bottom ranking.
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