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customer bypasses the long-distance telephone company by dialing a number using a 1010 prefix, to the apartment or office building manager, which permits a competitive local exchange carrier to directly connect their building to the CLEC network. In this section we will focus on the latter, as it is normally accomplished via the use of optical fiber. Figure 7.9 illustrates the relationship between cabling performed by a CLEC and an existing local exchange carrier (LEC); the latter term is used to denote the incumbent telephone company. Although the CLEC may be independently located, it can also have its office within the incumbent telephone company central office. Thus, the primary difference between the two concerns the type and structure of cabling. The incumbent telephone company built their network infrastructure over a period of approximately 50 to 100 years by routing copper cable directly into buildings. In comparison, a CLEC providing a bypass capability that enables subscribers to avoid the high cost of local terminations commonly constructs a fiber loop in an urban area with termination points at buildings that sign up for their services. One of the earliest firms to offer this type of service was Metropolitan
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Figure 4.4 Model for Exercise 2.
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Notice that in this example, the IP addressing information has been manually configured on the PC for the wireless adapter DHCP is not being used to acquire addressing information. If DHCP were used, you would also see when the address was obtained and when the lease would expire for the IP addressing information. ipconfig is used for Windows NT machines and later; Windows 98 and earlier machines use the winipcfg command. In addition to using the ipconfig CLI command, you can also view information about the configuration of an adapter from the Network Connection tab in Windows. In Windows XP, to pull up this window, choose Start | Connect To | Show All Connections. Double-click the name of an adapter in the Network Connections window and then click the Properties button. Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click the Properties button. If the radio buttons Obtain An IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically are selected, DHCP will be used to acquire the IP addressing information for the adapter.
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This loop will never execute because its control variable, count, is greater than 5 when the loop is first entered. This makes the conditional expression, count < 5, false from the outset; thus, not even one iteration of the loop will occur. The for loop is most useful when you will be iterating a known number of times. For example, the following program uses two for loops to find the prime numbers between 2 and 20. If the number is not prime, then its largest factor is displayed.
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Fig. 9.24 Isolation Transformer System with Single-Phase, 120-Volt Input and 120-Volt Output with Ground Fault Protection
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1- 14 Perform the functions f ( x ) = x3 - 3 x + 7 on the number 2, or, find f ( 2 ) .
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(solid, liquid, or gas) would water exist at room temperature (25 C) without hydrogen bonding
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dinner, on weekends, or at other specified times.
Production Essentials
Several Commonly Used Methods De ned by SortedList
System Con guration Dialog
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Press the SPACEBAR momentarily to move the selection while sizing. Release the SPACEBAR when the selection is in the desired position, and continue resizing.
Consumption of interconnect device bandwidth by node Consumption of network (transmission media) bandwidth by node
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