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To properly make ActiveSync available as a published application, it is important to specify WCESMGR.EXE as the application to be launched, not WCESCOMM.EXE. WCESCOMM.EXE is the system tray process. While both executables can start each other once a PDA is detected, if WCESCOMM.EXE is the only application in a session and no PDA is present at ICA session startup, the ICA session may log off before a user can insert a PDA. If you connect to a published desktop as any user after ActiveSync has been installed, you may see the ActiveSync icon in the system tray. Also, if you have a PDA plugged into the USB port on the client, ActiveSync may attempt to synchronize to the device. The administrator can do the following to prevent this from occurring: 1. Using the System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG), remove the ActiveSync options from the Startup tab. 2. Even if ActiveSync is removed from the startup options, it still runs on the console and re-creates the startup entries the next time it is launched. To prevent ActiveSync from re-creating the startup entries, delete the following registry value:
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Ever since digital content was released in a high quality, such as that for DVD, the studios have become more and more wary of the risks surrounding the protection of digital content. It did not take long to blame the creation of casual copies for billions of dollars in lost revenues. As a result, most of the efforts in content protection technologies were focused on stopping easy consumer copies, and hence to keep honest people honest . It has always been very clear that stopping professional pirates or even determined consumers would be a very hard task. Video pirates have a lot of professional equipment at their disposal and in their possession that make it easy to create bit-to-bit copies of discs, or to generate high-quality masters for mass replication. Given this history, and the fact that the protection systems for DVD did not last very long, it does not come as a surprise that a great deal of effort has been put into the renewability of the content protection systems for Blu-ray. The revocation systems within AACS, and the additional renewable protection mechanisms through BD+ are two examples of this improved security. Additional watermarking opportunities provide further enhancements for Blu-ray that allow a forensic analysis of where the pirated content originates. But it does not stop at the protection from casual copying, for there are also attempts to stop professional pirates with the BD-ROM Mark technology. It is probably a false hope to expect these technologies to entirely stop digital copies of the content, and it has already been proven that such copies can be created but, at least, they provide a means to close security holes and pro-
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I know that C++ allows integer literals to be specified in octal (a number system based on 8). Does C# allow octal literals No. C# allows integer literals to be specified only in decimal or hexadecimal form. Octal is seldom used in today s modern programming environments.
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Creeks forest bed near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is believed to date from the time of one of the last advances of the continental ice sheet into the United States. The ratio of 14C to 12C in the sample was found to be 0.2446 of the atmospheric value of this ratio. What is the daughter-to-parent ratio for the decay process in the sample
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FIGURE 21-15 Use Structure mode to set section properties.
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thoroughly with soap or detergent before leaving the lab.
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Type of T is System.Int32 Type of V is System.String value: 119 value: Alpha Beta Gamma
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Some molecules, strictly speaking, are not classified as carbohydrates, but are derived from and are similar to carbohydrates. For example, if a given carbohydrate molecule has one less oxygen atom than normally found in carbohydrates, so that its chemical formula is CnH2nOn 1, we call it a deoxycarbohydrate. The most studied deoxycarbohydrate is deoxyribose (C5H10O4), which is a major component of the residues making up DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Other derivatives of carbohydrates include sugar alcohols such as sorbitol, which are used as low-calorie sweeteners. (They also reduce tooth decay because, unlike sugars, they cannot be digested by the bacteria in the mouth.) Sugar acids are also derived from carbohydrates. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is one such example.
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As you can see, the number of network entries Router A originally advertised was six network numbers. Through summarization, this was reduced to two summarized routes.
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In this next section, you will find highlighted boxes featuring sales compensation concepts. Each concept states a best-practice solution.
5. Release the mouse button for a moment and then hold CTRL. Then click-drag
Hexadecimal Conversion
Digital Photography QuickStepsQuickStepsPoint-and-Shoot Photography Beyond PC Getting to Know Your PC
Managing the Refresh Process
Resolving Style Conflicts
Notice that this is the same configuration used with server-side PAP, with the exception of the omission of the sent username. The only difference is that the chap parameter is specified in the ppp authentication command.
would expect efforts to increase in the reporting environment. With BusinessObjects XI, there is no way to tell what has changed within a report. So if a user changes a report variable that suddenly calculates revenue in a slightly different way, there are no controls to document and identify this change. Changes in the universe at the object level are also not readily identifiable, but as a smaller group of developers are involved, they at least can be documented procedurally.
your program adds its own event handler onto the list of handlers called when a message is generated. For button-press messages, this means adding your handler to the Click event. The Click event is specified by Control and defined by Button. It has this general form: public Event EventHandler Click; The EventHandler delegate is defined as shown here: public delegate void EventHandler(object who, EventArgs args) The object that generated the event is passed in who. Any information associated with that event is passed in args. For many events, args will be an object of a class derived from EventArgs. Since a button click does not require any additional information, we don t need to worry about event arguments when handling the button. The following program adds button-response code to the preceding program. Each time the button is clicked, the location of the button is changed.
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