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AAA Server
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Frequency Band (in MHz) Up to and including 54 MHz Over 54 MHz, up to and including 216 MHz Over 216 MHz
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When the call to MyMeth( ) is encountered in Main( ) when this program is compiled, a warning will be generated that tells the user to use MyMeth2( ) instead. A second form of Obsolete is shown here: [Obsolete( message , error)] Here, error is a Boolean value. If it is true, then use of the obsolete item generates a compilation error rather than a warning. The difference is, of course, that a program containing an error cannot be compiled into an executable program.
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Each of these is separated from the next by a period. The period is called the dot operator. Here is an example of the hierarchy structure if you want to put the number 123 in cell C10 in the sheet named MySheet. The workbook is named MyFile.xls. Write this as one line. Workbooks( MyFile.xls ) .Sheets ( MySheet ) .Range( C10 ) .Value = 123 A shortened command will work, too: Range( C10 ) .Value = 123 But note that in this case, as there is no definition of the workbook or the sheet, Excel will perform this command on whatever worksheet is currently active. So long as you are clear about where you are as you launch the subroutine, you can make the code short. However, when you are making the subroutine work across many worksheets or even many workbooks, it helps to write the longer code so you can specify exactly where the macro should work. The .Value you see at the end of the code (note the dot operator) is another example of being specific. Writing Range( C10 )= 123 works, too, but Excel has to evaluate what you mean by this. It is always better to be very specific so that Excel can work in the most immediate way to accomplish the task.
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Distributed Network Monitoring Defined Distributed network monitoring, which encompasses the ability to view and perform monitoring and analysis on a remote network as if it were local, has two components: data collectors and software to process the collected data.
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As the output shows, access to SharedRes.Count is synchronized, with only one thread at a time being able to change its value. To prove that the Mtx mutex was needed to produce the preceding output, try commenting out the calls to WaitOne( ) and ReleaseMutex( ) in the preceding program. When you run the program, you will see the following sequence (the actual output you see may vary):
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FIGURE 11-12
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Speed Isn t Everything
within the next few years, mainly due to increased customer demand for bandwidth intensive applications and explosive utilization of HD-TV and online gaming, once available in the coverage area. Thus, development of higher capacity EPON systems was advocated in 2006 during one of the IEEE plenary meetings [18], resulting in the initial establishment of the 10G EPON Study Group. This Study Group quickly identified the market potential and evaluated the technical feasibility of the future 10G EPON systems, resulting in submission of the project authorization request (PAR) and its subsequent approval at the subsequent IEEE Plenary meeting. Effectively, the 10G EPON Study Group was officially transformed into 10G EPON task force (TF), identified as IEEE 802.3av, which is chartered with development and standardization of 10G EPON systems, providing increased channel capacity for both upstream and downstream channels, while maintaining the logical layer intact, taking advantage of the already existing specification of MPCP and DBA agent, which will remain compatible with legacy 1 Gbps EPONs. The following system architecture evaluation process revealed that the future 10G EPON equipment must provide a gradual evolution path from the currently deployed 1 Gbps equipment, thus both symmetric and asymmetric data rates must be supported for both downstream and upstream channels. Since this evolution inherently assumes coexistence with legacy IEEE 802.3ah compliant equipment on the same PON plant, the 10G EPON TF must therefore resolve a number of technical issues, including the wavelength allocation issues for both data channels in a satisfactory manner, providing feasible technical solutions, especially in the upstream channel, as indicated below. As for this moment, no motions regarding the coexistence issues are officially approved by the TF. Nevertheless, a strong consensus exists in the group regarding the following issues:
Strings Are Immutable
Outside Engine Spaces
Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
Area =
Relational Table Benefits Precalculated in the table, so fast, consistent response times Server-based, so consistent business definitions and minimal network traffic Relational Table Disadvantages Requires complex programming logic in the load routines Fixed table design may limit flexibility IT/DBA must implement Requires additional disk space Not suitable for ratios and percentages
Torrey CEO
Look carefully at the template specification for atype. Note that size is declared as an int. This parameter is then used within atype to declare the size of the array a. Even though size is depicted as a variable in the source code, its value is known at compile time. This allows it to be used to set the size of the array. size is also used in the bounds checking within the operator[ ]( ) function. Within main( ), notice how the integer and floating-point arrays are created. The second parameter specifies the size of each array.
44 =A40 45 46 Interest expense 47 Necessary to finance 48 49 50 51 ST notes Debt 1 Debt 2 Debt 3
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