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The e-mail list is Herb: Herb@HerbSchildt.com Tom: Tom@HerbSchildt.com Sara: Sara@HerbSchildt.com
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Object names should be consistent in two respects. First, use the same name when you mean the same thing. Always refer to the customer as the customer, and do not mix in other terminology such as client or business partner. Second, use the same clarifiers consistently. If your universe has columns that are IDs or codes and columns that are names or descriptions, then append these clarifiers consistently, as Table 9-1 illustrates.
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S G1 M G2 Mitotic spindle
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ITU-T O.171, Timing Jitter and Wander Measuring Equipment for Digital Systems. ITU-T G.783, Characteristics of SDH Equipment Functional Blocks. ITU-T G.823, The Control of Jitter and Wander within Digital Networks based on the 2048 kbps Hierarchy. ITU-T G.825, The Control of Jitter and Wander within Digital Networks based on SDH. ITU-T G.958, Digital Line Systems based on SDH for use on Optical Fiber Cables. ETSI TM-1015
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A number of benefits result because C# implements arrays as objects. One comes from the fact that each array has associated with it a Length property that contains the number of elements that an array can hold. Thus, each array provides a means by which its length can be determined. Here is a program that demonstrates this property:
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Figure 28.11 Continuously modulated optical carrier reflectometer block diagram.
Follow these steps to access the Health Assistant tests: 1. Take one of the following actions in the Access Management Console: To access the tests by server, in the scope pane expand the Presentation Server and Servers nodes and then select a server. Next, select Action | Modify Server Properties | Modify All Properties. To access the tests by farm, in the scope pane expand the Presentation Server node and select a farm. Then select Action | Modify Farm Properties | Modify All Properties. In the Farm Properties dialog box, expand the Server Default node. 2. Select the Health Assistant. The Health Assistant page that appears allows you to view the following standard tests and any custom tests you import. Out of the box, XenApp Server 4.5 comes with four tests. Terminal Services This test enumerates the list of sessions running on the server and the session user information, such as user name. Citrix XML Service This test checks the health of the XML service by ensuring it is able to process XML ticket requests. Citrix IMA Service This test queries the service to ensure it is running by enumerating the applications available on the server. Logon Monitor This test monitors session logon/logoff cycles to determine whether there is a problem with session initialization. If there are numerous logon/logoff cycles within a short time period, the threshold for the session is exceeded and a failure occurs. The session time, interval, and threshold can be configured by modifying the parameters in the Test file field. These parameters are listed and described in Table 18-2.
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
Triangle EAA
Introduction Network technology is changing at an increasing rate. In the past, major investments in transmission and switching technology took many years to depreciate. Today, however, the pressures of the market and the advances in technology demand more rapid turnover. The unrelenting rollout of new technology creates challenges for new test equipment and maintenance strategies. The business climate in telecommunications is changing, too. Because of competition and deregulation, combined with the increasing importance of telecommunications for business activities, network operators are becoming more service- and customer-focused. Network performance is measured in terms of quality of service (QoS). Successful delivery is measured by the highest quality at the lowest prices. Network operators also need to bring new technology into service very quickly to create competitive advantage.
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User-Network Interface (UNI) The UNI is the interface used to interconnect a subscriber to an Ethernet Service Provider. The UNI also provides a reference point for demarcation between the MEN operator s (i.e., a Service Provider s) equipment that enables access to the MEN services and the subscriber access equipment. The demarcation point indicates the location where the responsibility of the Service Provider ends and where the responsibility of the subscriber begins. The UNI is a key Ethernet service attribute used to specify an Ethernet service. Functionally, the UNI is an asymmetric, compound functional element that consists of a client side, referred to as the UNI-C, and a network side, referred to as the UNI-N. Thus, the term UNI is used to refer to these two functional elements and generically, to the data, management, and control plane functions associated with them.
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
Strings in C#
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