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near the top of every program. As you saw in 11, the I/O classes are defined within a namespace subordinate to System called System.IO. There are many other namespaces subordinate to System that hold other parts of the C# library. Namespaces are important because there has been an explosion of variable, method, property, and class names over the past few years. These include library routines, third-party code, and your own code. Without namespaces, all of these names would compete for slots in the global namespace and conflicts would arise. For example, if your program defined a class called Finder, it could conflict with another class called Finder supplied by a third-party library that your program uses. Fortunately, namespaces prevent this type of problem because a namespace restricts the visibility of names declared within it.
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In C#, the semicolon signals the end of a statement. That is, each individual statement must end with a semicolon. As you know, a block is a set of logically connected statements that are surrounded by opening and closing braces. A block is not terminated with a semicolon. Since a block is a group of statements, it makes sense that a block is not terminated by a semicolon; instead, the end of the block is indicated by the closing brace. C# does not recognize the end of the line as the end of a statement only a semicolon terminates a statement. For this reason, it does not matter where on a line you put a statement. For example, to C#,
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In the U.S., wireless operators had until recently enjoyed the benefit of the FCC mandate requiring wired infrastructure providers to lease lines to third-party service providers. With that mandate no longer in existence, the case for alternate means to backhaul cellular traffic looks more attractive. Additionally, the cost-effective wired backhaul infrastructure may not be available at all cell sites. This is particularly true as cellular operators persuade their customers to subscribe to their lucrative broadband services and need to increase their spectral efficiency by deploying more cell sites. It should be remembered that the early development of the standard was also driven partly by the need to provide a standardized technology to backhaul cellular traffic. As was stated earlier, the SC-PHY standard was developed primarily for backhaul applications, and it is still the most suitable standard to be used for backhauling cellular traffic. This is primarily because the majority of cellular sites are either on top of large buildings and towers that are likely to be in line-of-sight of another building or tower with access to a wired infrastructure. In addition, all the reasons presented in favor of SC-PHY for fiber-extension applications apply equally well to this application also. The backhaul of cell towers could be provided by installing a BS on the rooftop of a building with access to a wired backhaul facility and installing SSs on the rooftops of cell-sites buildings or on top of cell towers. The cost of deploying WiFi has come down considerably in the past few years, allowing for large ubiquitous use of the technology and a widespread deployment of WiFi hotspots. However, the cost of backhauling a hotspot remains the single biggest cost for hotspot operators. Unlike cellular operators that enjoy a single backhaul connection covering a larger footprint per cell tower, WiFi hotspots have smaller coverage, requiring more hotspots to cover a comparable area. For Muni-WiFi networks, the problem is even more acute as the number of hotspot access points per square mile is significantly more than in the case of cellular networks. Lately, the problem of backhauling WiFi traffic has been addressed to some extent by WiFi mesh technologies. However, it has its own limitations, the least of which is the lack of a common standard. WiMAX poses as a very strong candidate for providing connections to WiFI hotspots. In particular, OFDM-PHY is much better suited to this application, primarily because, unlike relatively conspicuously located cell towers, WiFi hotspots usually do not have easy LOS to a central location. For example, a caf providing a WiFi hotspot is unlikely to be in line-of-sight of a building with WiMAX BS. The lower bandwidth of OFDM-PHY is not likely to be a limitation because WiFi hotspots do not usually serve real-time high bandwidth traffic. In addition, because of a larger coverage area of the OFDM-PHY standard, a larger number of WiFi hotspots can be covered per BS (see Figure 15.3).
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int Read( )
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A SIP session is instigated with an INVITE message. One or more provisional responses might occur, such as 100 (trying) or 183 (session progress) prior to a final response to the INVITE. SIP can use UDP transport, which is unreliable. Therefore, it is possible that messages sent from one end might never reach the other end. SIP addresses some of these issues by specifying rules for the retransmission of a request or a response. Moreover, SIP includes the ACK as a means to confirm that a final response has been received. Provisional responses do not generate an ACK, however. Therefore, a provisional response could be lost forever. Imagine, for example, an INVITE sent from A to B. B responds with the provisional response such as 180 (ringing), but this response is not received at A. The called user then picks up the phone and B issues a final response of 200 (OK), which is received at A prior to expiry of the retransmission timer for the INVITE. A is happy that a final response has been received
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Figure 6-22 A PivotChart showing the rich chart types and a list of the fields available in the Adventure Works cube. The downside of a PivotChart or PivotTable is the need for client-side software installation.
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Expert s View: Preparing Artwork for CDs
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Fig. 9.10 Receptacle Placement in Galleys
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Media, the same Preset, to all the characters in the typeface on all the pages. If it helps to visualize your characters, you can give them a fill and no outline property when your editing work is done. After you ve applied the Artistic Media to all the path segments of your characters, it s time to detach the strokes from their paths and to export all the characters to your own typeface.
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How much energy does it take to jump in the air How high can you jump The basic principles of jumping apply whether the jumping organism is a person jumping for joy, a mountain lion leaping for its prey, or a dolphin jumping out of the water. The physics of jumping is easily broken into three steps. In step 1 an organism, with no initial upward velocity, accelerates upward. In step 2 the organism is in the air with an upward velocity and a downward acceleration due to gravity. The force of gravity slows the upward velocity, eventually reaching zero at the peak of the jump. In step 3 the organism falls back down, with an increasing downward velocity as a result of the acceleration due to gravity. Let s look at the first two steps, the jump itself, in a little more detail. As a reminder (if you ve studied basic physics) the motion of any object can be broken down into separate motions in each of three dimensions: up and down, forward and backward, left and right. It s much simpler to deal with motion in a single direction at a time (ignoring the others) and mathematically the results are absolutely correct. Let us say that initially our organism has no upward or downward motion (although the organism may be running or swimming forward). The organism then exerts a downward force against a medium (e.g., the ground or water). The
A Closer Look at Classes and Objects
Step 9: Use the Active Directory Migration Tool to Move the Users from Child Domain to Parent Domain
Answers: 2,3,5
R = (_ 2,10) S = (_ 1,5)
Now that you know more about classes and their constructors, let s take a closer look at the new operator. It has this general form: new class-name(arg-list) Here, class-name is the name of the class that is being instantiated. The class name followed by parentheses specifies the constructor for the class, as described by the preceding section. If a class does not define its own constructor, new will use the default constructor supplied by C#. Since memory is finite, it is possible that new will not be able to allocate memory for an object because insufficient memory exists. If this happens, a runtime exception will occur. (You will learn about exceptions in 9.) For the sample programs in this book, you won t need to worry about running out of memory, but you will need to consider this possibility in real-world programs that you write.
if(m.Name.Equals("Set", StringComparison.Ordinal) && pi[0].ParameterType == typeof(int)) { object[] args = new object[2]; args[0] = 9; args[1] = 18; m.Invoke(reflectOb, args); } else if(m.Name.Equals("Set", StringComparison.Ordinal) && pi[0].ParameterType == typeof(double)) { object[] args = new object[2]; args[0] = 1.12; args[1] = 23.4; m.Invoke(reflectOb, args); }
SciNet, Inc.
Address Translation Types
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What Is Segmentation
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