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With last year s budget cuts integrated throughout the agency, we ve been tracking their effects on our performance in several key areas including repair of streets and xing potholes, snow removal, trash col-
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A Broader BI Suite
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Once we understand how to characterize the low- and high-frequency behavior of the transfer function and its phase angle, we are ready to create Bode plots.
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bciscoasa# packet-tracer input outside tcp 1025 21 detail Phase: 1 Type: FLOW-LOOKUP Subtype: Result: ALLOW Config: Additional Information: Found no matching flow, creating a new flow Phase: 2 Type: UN-NAT Subtype: static Result: ALLOW Config: static (inside,outside) netmask nat-control match ip inside host outside any static translation to translate_hits = 7, untranslate_hits = 2 Additional Information: NAT divert to egress interface inside Untranslate to using netmask
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The output from the program is shown here:
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Data and Observations
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Fig. 3.11 Battery Discharge Characteristics
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When you write programs, your functions will be of three types. The first type is simply computational. These functions are specifically designed to perform operations on their arguments and return a value based on that operation. A computational function is a pure function. Examples are the standard library functions sqrt( ) and sin( ), which compute the square root and sine of their arguments. The second type of function manipulates information and returns a value that simply indicates the success or failure of that manipulation. An example is the library function fwrite( ), which writes information to a disk file. If the write operation is successful, fwrite( ) returns the number of items successfully written. If an error occurs, fwrite( ) returns a number that is not equal to the number of items it was requested to write. The last type of function has no explicit return value. In essence, the function is strictly procedural and produces no value. An example is srand( ), which initializes the random number generator function rand( ). Sometimes, functions that really don t produce an interesting result often return something anyway. For example, printf( ) returns the number of characters written. Yet, it is unusual to find a program that actually checks this. In other words, although all functions, except those of type void, return values, you don t have to use the return value for anything. A common question concerning function return values is, Don t I have to assign this value to some variable since a value is being returned The answer is no. If there is no assignment specified, the return value is simply discarded. Consider the following program, which uses mul( ):
It s easy for anyone to mistype a word or use fractured grammar in an email message. However, an ad posted on the Web and a sign hanging in a store window for thousands to see is not a use of typography between friends and it s hard to retract. A badly designed sign from a typographic point of view hurts the product, the company, and your reputation as a professional. The following sections discuss common mistakes we try to avoid from the planning stage of a printed message; you ll work with CorelDRAW s type features in future chapters, but now it s time to learn to walk before you learn to fly with new talents and skills.
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t = a; a = b; b = t; } } class ValueSwapDemo { static void Main() { ValueSwap ob = new ValueSwap(); int x = 10, y = 20; Console.WriteLine("x and y before call: " + x + " " + y); ob.Swap(ref x, ref y); Console.WriteLine("x and y after call: " + x + " " + y); } }
The NJIT study team determined that with respect to gripping a handgun, the three most influential variables were the horizontal placement of the ring finger and the vertical position of the middle and pinkie fingers. Research continues. The natural use of this kind of biometric would be for doors, handles, and many hand-held objects. A particularly compelling use is for handguns law enforcement officials have expressed interest for such smart guns because of the large number of law enforcement officers who are shot by their own guns wrested from them by criminals. Other promising applications include deterring terrorists from taking controls of aircraft or other sensitive equipment. In terms of multimodal biometrics, hand grip measurements could be used to augment or enhance the more established hand geometry biometrics.
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Kirchhoff s Laws and Resistance
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