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As you should have noticed in the last section, STP goes through a staged process, which slows down convergence. For switches, convergence occurs once STP has completed: a root switch is elected, root and designated ports have been chosen, the root and designated ports have been placed in a forwarding state, and all other ports have been placed in a blocking state. If a port has to go through all four states, convergence takes 50 seconds: 20 seconds in blocking, 15 seconds in listening, and 15 seconds in learning. If a port doesn t have to go through the blocking state but starts at a listening state, convergence takes only 30 seconds. This typically occurs when the root port is still valid, but another topology change has occurred. Remember that during this time period (until the port reaches a forwarding state), no user traffic is forwarded through the port. So, if a user was performing a telnet session, and STP was being recalculated, the telnet session, from the user s perspective, would appear stalled or the connection would appear lost. Obviously, a user will notice this type of disruption.
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20.11.The CD contains a multimedia demonstration of using the debug ip ospf events command on an OSPF router.
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Parentheses are operators that increase the precedence of the operations inside them. Square brackets perform array indexing (arrays are discussed fully in 5). Given an array, the expression within square brackets provides an index into that array. For example,
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Write with Con dence
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You define detail objects in much the much the same way that you create a dimension object. The main difference is that you must associate a detail object with a dimension object. In the following example, the detail object Street is associated with the dimension object Shop Name. Once you have associated Street with Shop Name, Street and other related details will now appear in a separate folder under Shop Name. These objects will not be available when users are drilling within a report.
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6: Information Asset Protection
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A section of a highway bridge collapsed killing Under construction six people. Long span suspension bridge Two bridges killing a combined 19 people Collapse caused a tour bus to plunge into a river, killing more than 50 people. Collapse killed 32 and injured 17. Bridge collapse over a river Not available Bridge collapse over a river Not available
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The C# Language
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Personality Integration
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Router(config)# ip access-list extended do_not_enter Router(config-ext-acl)# permit tcp any established log Router(config-ext-acl)# permit udp any host eq dns log Router(config-ext-acl)# permit tcp host eq telnet log Router(config-ext-acl)# permit icmp any echo-reply log Router(config-ext-acl)# deny ip any any log Router(config)# interface ethernet 0 Router(config-if)# ip access-group do_not_enter in
PPP is an open standard that provides dynamic configuration of links,
Protein Biophysics
In the preceding example, everything about MyClass has been discovered using reflection except for one item: the type MyClass, itself. That is, although the preceding examples dynamically determined information about MyClass, they still relied upon the fact that the
CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
Working with Text
If you prefer to work with menu commands, you can keep the Welcome screen from displaying by clicking the Start Up In down arrow and choosing Editor.
TIP: If you are installing all the administration components on the same server, ensure that SQL Server 2005 is installed on the same server as well. When you reach the Database Configuration screen, accept localhost in the Accessing User Account for Computer or Localhost field. Otherwise, if you are installing the SmartAuditor server and the SmartAuditor database on different servers, type the name of the SmartAuditor server in the following format: domain\machine-name$. Ensure that the dollar symbol ($) follows the name.
Basic Management from the CLI
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