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different versions that vary in price and features. All of the products are relatively neutral to a particular DBMS even though four products are offered by organizations with major DBMS products. Besides the full featured products listed in Table 2.2, other companies offer CASE tools that specialize in a subset of database development phases. To provide a flavor for some features of commercial CASE tools, a brief depiction is given of Microsoft Office Visio 2003 Professional, an entry-level version of Visual Studio .Net Enterprise Architect. Visio Professional provides excellent drawing capabilities and a number of useful analysis tools. This section depicts Visio Professional because it is an easy-to-use and powerful tool for introductory database courses. For database development, Visio Professional features several templates (collections of shapes) and data dictionary support. As shown in Figure 2.9, Visio provides templates for several data modeling notations (Database Model Diagram, Express-G, and Object Role Modeling (ORM) notations) as well as the Unified Modeling Language (available in the software folder). Figure 2.10 depicts the Entity Relationship template (on the left) and the drawing window (on the right). If a symbol is moved, it stays connected to other sym bols because of a feature known as "glue." For example, if the Product rectangle is moved, it stays connected to the OrdLine rectangle through the Purchasedln line. Visio Profes sional can automatically lay out the entire diagram if requested. Visio provides a data dictionary to accompany the Entity Relationship template. For entity types (rectangle symbols), Visio supports the name, data type, required (Req'd), primary key (PK), and notes properties as shown in the Columns category of Figure 2.11 as well as many other properties in the nonselected categories. For relationships (connect ing line symbols), Visio supports properties about the definition, name, cardinality, and
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Message Class
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Add a Method to the Vehicle Class
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Build Your Own Combat Robot
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For 60hz video (NTSC): Create at 720 540, resize to 720 480. (For 16:9 anamorphic, create at 854 480 or 960 540, resize to 720 480.) Or create at 720 480 if vertical distortion is not a problem. For 50hz video (PAL): Create at 768 576, resize to 720 576. (For 16:9 anamorphic, create at 1024 576, resize to 720 576.) Or create at 720 576 if horizontal distortion is not a problem. No bright reds or yellows. Keep saturation below 90 percent or RGB values below 230. Not an issue for 50 hz video. Check for below black (L 16 in Rec 601 Video) or above white (L 235 in Rec 601 Video). Keep text and important detail about 70 pixels from the sides, and about 50-56 pixels from the top and bottom. Avoid single-pixel lines, especially horizontal. Use antialising and blurring. Use feathering and color gradations instead of sharp transitions. 14 points minimum. Avoid serifs. Always antialias your text.
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1. Emergency re extinguishing equipment should be provided near bridges which are located more than one hour away from a re station. 2. Transverse and longitudinal wind analysis and uplift with the correct intensity need to be considered in the design. 3. Member sizes and joints must be designed for the AASHTO LRFD load combination strength III. 4. Timber bridges should be painted with re resistant paint and regularly sprayed.
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18: Security Device Manager
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[3x 2 + 4x + 6] dx
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2% of Base Midpoint per 1% of quota
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Vesicular Transport
7: Planning Module in PerformancePoint Server
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