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int main(void) { char fname[_MAX_FNAME]; char dir[_MAX_DIR]; char drive[_MAX_DRIVE]; char ext[_MAX_EXT];
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Rethrowing an Exception
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Exploring the C# Library
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// ... } // Demonstrate interface constraints. class UseInterfaceConstraint { static void Main() { // The following code is OK because Friend // implements IPhoneNumber. PhoneList<Friend> plist = new PhoneList<Friend>(); plist.Add(new Friend("Tom", "555-1234", true)); plist.Add(new Friend("Gary", "555-6756", true)); plist.Add(new Friend("Matt", "555-9254", false)); try { // Find the number of a friend given a name. Friend frnd = plist.FindByName("Gary"); Console.Write(frnd.Name + ": " + frnd.Number); if(frnd.IsWorkNumber) Console.WriteLine(" (work)"); else Console.WriteLine(); } catch(NotFoundException) { Console.WriteLine("Not Found"); } Console.WriteLine(); // The following code is also OK because Supplier // implements IPhoneNumber. PhoneList<Supplier> plist2 = new PhoneList<Supplier>(); plist2.Add(new Supplier("Global Hardware", "555-8834")); plist2.Add(new Supplier("Computer Warehouse", "555-9256")); plist2.Add(new Supplier("NetworkCity", "555-2564")); try { // Find the name of a supplier given a number. Supplier sp = plist2.FindByNumber("555-2564"); Console.WriteLine(sp.Name + ": " + sp.Number); } catch(NotFoundException) { Console.WriteLine("Not Found"); } // The following declaration is invalid because EmailFriend // does NOT implement IPhoneNumber. PhoneList<EmailFriend> plist3 = new PhoneList<EmailFriend>(); // Error!
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Data center certified fire-suppression systems are extremely important in any operational facility. These systems use some type of mechanism to extinguish fires while limiting damage to hardware or facilities. Today s fire-suppression systems must comply with environmental concerns regarding ozone depletion and human safety. This is an important consideration if the data center will be staffed and there is a potential for the fire-suppression system to be activated while people are present. Fire-Suppression System Types Many types of systems are available that comply with environmental requirements and use different agents to suppress fires. We recommend comparing the quality of the different types of fire-suppression systems to determine which one best fits the data center setup. Table 4-1 lists the advantages and disadvantages of some of the different systems currently available.
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The Pros and Cons of Bonding
Figure 8.6 The TC8300 is a four-channel T1/E1 fiber-optic multiplexer. (Photograph courtesy of TC Communications.)
4 T H E I N T E G R A L
On the exam, you should enter the class networks instead of the subnets on the simulator questions that deal with classful routing protocols.
Console.WriteLine(); // This call is invalid because the first argument // is of type double, and the third and fourth arguments // have element types of int. ArrayUtils.CopyInsert(0.01, 2, nums, nums2); } }
public Stream OpenWrite(Uri uri, string how)
FIGURE 6 . 3 4
The output from this program is the same as for the previous version.
Kirchhoff s Laws and Resistance
Call the mobile via a paging channel requesting service option 002 (the mobile autoanswers). Direct the mobile to a traffic channel. Pass protocol messages to the mobile on the traffic channel. Maintain the link during required measurements.
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