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// Use the global alias. using System; // Give Counter an alias called Ctr. using Ctr = Counter; // Declare a namespace for counters. namespace Counter { // A simple countdown counter. class CountDown { int val; public CountDown(int n) { val = n; } // ... }
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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Indeterminate Forms
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any type can be specified for T. Thus, it is legal to create Gen objects in which T is replaced by int, double, string, FileStream, or any other type. Although having no restrictions on the
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Figure 5.5.5 Change Manager (Graphisoft) indicating changes in new drawings. (Image courtesy of Webcor Builders.)
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { FILE *fp; char ch; if((fp=fopen(argv[1], "r"))==NULL) { printf("Cannot open file.\n"); exit(1); } while((ch=getc(fp))!=EOF) printf("%c", ch); fclose(fp); return 0; }
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A way of quickly describing an algorithmic process to a programmer, by writing it down as if in real program code, but without observing the necessary rules of syntax to make it readable by a compiler. Game designers sometimes write little pieces of pseudo-code to explain to the programmers how they want a given process to work. The programmers then convert the pseudo-code into real code.
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Figure 3.65 A common-emitter
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TDM: Circuit Bonding
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Cisco ASA Configuration
Signed Value 2147483642 2147483641 2147483640 2147483639 2147483638 2147483637 2147483636 2147483635 2147483634 2147483633 2147483632 2147483629 2147483628 2147483627 2147483626 2147483625 2147483624 2147483623 2147483622 2147483620
If you titled this program name and your name was Tom, then to run the program, you would type name Tom. The output from the program would be Hello Tom. For example, if you were logged into drive A and using the command prompt, you would see:
Open the Photoshop Elements Organizer workspace, as outlined previously. This illustration shows the main window of the Organizer. Drag the Timeline slider to view images photographed during a certain month and year. Each year is marked on the timeline, with vertical marks that indicate the relative amount of photos created during each month. Taller marks mean more images were created on that month. You can also hold your cursor over a vertical mark to see the month as a tooltip.
FIGURE 28-12
1. Why does painting metallic objects that contain 2. How might particle size of reactants be varied
Closing Thoughts Review Concepts Questions Problems 12 13 40 41
A pointer is the memory address of a variable. A pointer variable is a variable that is specifically declared to hold a pointer to a value of its specified type. Knowing a variable s address can be of great help in certain types of routines. Pointers have three main uses in C: 1. They can provide a very fast means of referencing array elements. 2. They allow C functions to modify their calling parameters. 3. They support dynamic data structures, such as linked lists. These topics and uses will be dealt with in 6, which is devoted exclusively to pointers. However, the two operators that are used to manipulate pointers will be presented here. The first pointer operator is &. It is a unary operator that returns the memory address of its operand. Remember that a unary operator only requires one operand. For example,
cancelTok.ThrowIfCancellationRequested(); } Thread.Sleep(500); Console.WriteLine("In MyTask(), count is " + count ); } Console.WriteLine("MyTask terminating"); } static void Main() { Console.WriteLine("Main thread starting."); // Create a cancellation token source. CancellationTokenSource cancelTokSrc = new CancellationTokenSource(); // Start a task, passing the cancellation token to both // the delegate and the task. Task tsk = Task.Factory.StartNew(MyTask, cancelTokSrc.Token, cancelTokSrc.Token); // Let tsk run until cancelled. Thread.Sleep(2000); try { // Cancel the task. cancelTokSrc.Cancel(); // Suspend Main() until tsk terminates. tsk.Wait(); } catch (AggregateException exc) { if(tsk.IsCanceled) Console.WriteLine("\ntsk Cancelled\n"); // To see the exception, un-comment this line: // Console.WriteLine(exc); } finally { tsk.Dispose(); cancelTokSrc.Dispose(); } Console.WriteLine("Main thread ending."); } }
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