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The planning committee should identify the different client categories and the levels to which they are expected to utilize Citrix services. They must further decide how to specifically set up the clients and how to configure user desktops. Choices must be made regarding policies for local browsing, emulation, drive mappings, PC local operating systems, and local hardware peripherals. If Windows terminals will be used, the planning team must evaluate the different options and choose the brand and models most appropriate for their organization. (Client implementation is discussed more thoroughly in 5.)
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Notice that the variables x, y, and z are now private to three_d but can still be accessed directly by the inserter. Making inserters (and extractors) friends of the classes for which they are defined preserves the encapsulation principle of object-oriented programming.
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NOTE The Auditor product in BusinessObjects 6 and earlier included a security universe that
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border, border-left-color, border-left-style, border-left-width, color border-left-color border-left-color sets the color of the left border of an element.
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As an example application of the ideas presented in this chapter, consider the process of producing a simple model of an automotive valve-gear system, the mechanism that connects the engine valves to the camshaft. This system not only illustrates a large number of the concepts discussed in this chapter, but has also been the focus of a number of previous modeling efforts (Barkan 1953, Rothbart 1956, Chen 1982, Pisano and Freudenstein 1983; Pisano, 1984; Hanachi and Freudenstein, 1986). The variety of approaches and levels of detail involved in these models provide a valuable reminder that engineering models are not unique descriptions of the system and that no single model can satisfy all needs. The models by Barkan (1953) and Chen (1982), in particular, include many more degrees of freedom than the one presented here, though they can ultimately be reduced. Hanachi and Freudenstein (1986) produce some interesting analytical models for speci c types of damping in this system so the model can be used as a design tool without the need for experimental determination of damping. They also explicitly consider the operation of the hydraulic valve lifter, assumed here to be a solid mass. Figure 11.22 illustrates the physical components of the valve-gear system used in the LS-1 engine on a Chevrolet Corvette and Fig. 11.23 shows a schematic of the assembly. Beginning the model after the cam, ve moving masses can be identi ed: the lifter, the pushrod, the rocker arm, the valve and the spring. The mass of each component can be obtained by weighing each element separately and the moment of inertia of the rocker arm about its axis (a xed point of rotation) can be obtained from experiment or analysis of a solid model. Values for each of these are listed in Table 11.2 and represent roughly the values for the real system. To shorten the modeling process a bit, the rocker arm and lifter are assumed to be rigid (Pisano and Freudenstein, 1983). Given the complex geometry of these shapes, it should of course be veri ed from nite element models or from experiment that these components do have the highest stiffness. For the remaining elements, some estimates of the stiffness can be obtained from basic mechanics of materials. The coil spring has 5.5 active coils, a wire diameter of 0.175 in, a spring diameter of 1.0 in and an assumed shear modulus of 11 106 psi for a steel spring. The stiffness is therefore Kcs =
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Formatting Using the ios Member Functions
liters = gallons * 3.7854; // convert to liters cout << "Liters: " << liters; return 0; }
Child #1 starting. Running total for Child Child #2 starting. Running total for Child Running total for Child Running total for Child Running total for Child Running total for Child Sum for Child #1 is 15 Child #1 terminating. Running total for Child Running total for Child Running total for Child Running total for Child Sum for Child #2 is 15 Child #2 terminating. #1 is 1 #1 #1 #1 #1 #2 is is is is is 3 6 10 15 1
A bimanual examination may reveal a firm mass at or below the cervix, and an abdominal exam will reveal a depression in the location or the absence of the uterine fundus Removal or detachment of the placenta should not be performed. This will cause profound hemorrhage
Lo que means what (that which) and is the object of a verb:
char *strchr(const char *str, int ch)
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