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this drop-down list shows the calendar views that were created including the YQM calendar view (hierarchy). Clicking on the YQM will change the display of the Time dimension members to show the YQM member set. To the right of the drop-down list in the same menu bar is a plus (+) sign button that will expand the member set to display all the members within the member set, and a minus (-) sign button that will collapse the member set to the top level members. Figure 7-14 shows the drop-down list along with the YQM member set being displayed.
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The if succeeds because b is an object of type B, which is derived from type A. Thus, b is compatible with A. However, the reverse is not true. When this line is executed:
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The Costs of Conserving Electricity
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Manuals are invaluable. If possible, seek them out to read about any hidden problems before you buy the vehicle. After you own it, don t spend hours finding out if the redstriped or the green-striped wire goes to dashboard terminal block number 3; just flip to the appropriate schematic in the manual and locate it in minutes. Component disassembly is easy when you learn that you must always disengage bolt number 2 in a clockwise direction before turning bolt number 1 in a counterclockwise direction, etc. Believe me, these are labor savers.
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Finding the Number of Days Between Dates Because of the serial value system, it is easy to find the number of days that have elapsed from one date to the next. For example, to find the number of days between August 17, 1953 and October 1, 2003, we do the following: = DATE 2003,10,1 -DATE 1953,8,17 which returns 18,307 days. Alternatively, we can represent the actual date as a serial value by using the DATEVALUE function, which converts the text of the date to the serial value: = DATEVALUE 10=1=2003 -DATEVALUE 8=17=1953 which returns 18,307 days. Finding the Number of Months Between Dates Using DAYS360 Finding the number of months between two dates is a little tricky, because of the different lengths of the months in the interval. In the last example we could divide 18,307 by the average number of days in a month (i.e., 365/12, or 30.42), but this is inelegant. A better way is to use the DAYS360 function. With DAYS360, Excel considers each year to be 360 days by assuming that there are 12 months, each composed of 30 days. So Excel has a way of considering the ending days of each month so that everything falls into line properly. The syntax is: = DAYS360 BeginningDate,EndingDate The beginning date can be one defined by the DATE function, but DAYS360 is also smart enough to take the text of the dates: = DAYS360 DATE 1953,8,17 ,DATE 2003,10,1
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This expression can be rewritten as s = A(s 2 + 4) + B(s + 1) Now we let s = 1 to eliminate B 1 = A(1 + 4) = 5A, A = Next, we let s = 0. This gives 0= So we have the following result R(s) = = 1 5 1 5 1 + s+1 1 + s+1 4 5 2 5 1 +4 2 +4 4 1 (4) + B, B = 5 5 1 5
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Bitmap Conversion for Repairs
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The output from this program is shown here:
SSL Certificate/Machine Name Mismatch
ATM Layer Testing 276 Wide Area Networks
The superposition theorem tells us that the total current is due to the sums of the currents due to each individual source alone. That is I1 = I1 + I1 = Some notes about superposition: 20 35 15 = A 38 38 38
You can build a similar object using DECODE. In this example, the date is fixed, rather than dynamically deciphered from the SYSDATE as in the previous CASE statement.
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