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Fear Some types of disasters (such as pandemic, terrorist attack, flood, and so on) may instill fear for safety on the part of response personnel who will resist the call to help and stay away from the work site. NOTE Response personnel in all disciplines and responsibilities will need to be able to piece together whatever functionality they are called on to do, using whatever resources are available this is part art form and part science. While response and contingency plans may make certain assumptions, personnel may find themselves with fewer resources than planned, requiring them to do the best they can with the resources available. Each function will be working with personnel in many other functions, often working with unfamiliar persons. An entire response and recovery operation may be operating almost like a brand-new organization in unfamiliar settings and with an entirely new set of playing rules. In typical organizations, teams work well when team members are familiar with, and trust, one another. In a response and recovery operation, the stress level is much higher because the stakes company survival are higher, and often the teams are composed of persons who have little experience with each other in these new roles. This will cause additional stress that will bring out the best and worst in people, as illustrated in Figure 7-11. Emergency Response These are the first responders during a disaster. Top priorities include evacuation of personnel, first aid, triage of injured personnel, and possibly, firefighting.
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// Demonstrate a generic method. using System; // A class of array utilities. Notice that this is not // a generic class. class ArrayUtils { // Copy an array, inserting a new element // in the process. This is a generic method. public static bool CopyInsert<T>(T e, uint idx, T[] src, T[] target) { // See if target array is big enough. if(target.Length < src.Length+1) return false;
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M-348 UHF T-adapter
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Digital Photography Getting to Know Your PC Digital Images QuickSteps Editing Your PC QuickSteps
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Single Number Availability Rather than giving out numbers for your office telephone, fax, cellular, and pager, you (and your customers) can enjoy the simplicity and convenience of a single number. The Call Management system can recognize whether a person or fax is calling and can handle the call accordingly. Your Virtual Assistant can provide your callers with options to contact you, page you, or simply leave you a voice message with a call-back number. Your Virtual Assistant can also be programmed to locate you and deliver faxes, voice mail, and e-mail messages. You can even have your Virtual Assistant make calls for you when you travel, so you do not have to deal with calling cards. The Virtual Assistant keeps your telephone directory and you can make calls from your directory.
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/* Use LastModified. To see the date on which a website was last modified, enter its URI on the command line. For example, if you call this program LastModifiedDemo, then to see the date of last modification for enter LastModifiedDemo */ using System; using System.Net; class LastModifiedDemo { static void Main(string[] args) { if(args.Length != 1) { Console.WriteLine("Usage: LastModifiedDemo <uri>"); return ; } HttpWebRequest req = (HttpWebRequest) WebRequest.Create(args[0]); HttpWebResponse resp = (HttpWebResponse) req.GetResponse(); Console.WriteLine("Last modified: " + resp.LastModified); resp.Close(); } }
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char str[11]; A string is a null-terminated character array.
a before call: 10 a after call: 100
Vocabulary Alert: Participation rate is a term often used for income producers to define their share of the income. While this is the same idea as a commission rate, the implicit sense of ownership is reaffirmed by the use of the phrase participation rate, implying a shared ownership in the results a concept consistent with incentive compensation plans for income producers.
C# Fundamentals
Part I:
the x refers to this >x, which is the x associated with the object that invokes the operator function. In all cases, it is the object on the left side of an operation that causes the call to the operator function. The object on the right side is passed to the function. In general, when you use a member function, no parameters are used when overloading a unary operator, and only one parameter is required when overloading a binary operator. (You cannot overload the ternary operator.) In either case, the object that invokes the operator function is implicitly passed via the this pointer. To understand how operator overloading works, let s examine the preceding program carefully, beginning with the overloaded operator +. When two objects of type three_d are operated on by the + operator, the magnitudes of their respective coordinates are added together, as shown in operator+( ). Notice, however, that this function does not modify the value of either operand. Instead, an object of type three_d, which contains the result of the operation, is returned by the function. To understand why the + operation does not change the contents of either object, think about the standard arithmetic + operation, as applied like this: 10 + 12. The outcome of this operation is 22, but neither 10 nor 12 is changed by it. Although there is no rule that prevents an overloaded operator from altering the value of one of its operands, it is best for the actions of an overloaded operator to be consistent with its original meaning. Notice that operator+( ) returns an object of type three_d. Although the function could have returned any valid C++ type, the fact that it returns a three_d object allows the + operator to be used in compound expressions, such as a+b+c. Here, a+b generates a result that is of type three_d. This value can then be added to c. Had any other type of value been generated by a+b, such an expression would not work. In contrast with the + operator, the assignment operator does, indeed, cause one of its arguments to be modified. (This is, after all, the very essence of assignment.) Since the operator=( ) function is called by the object that occurs on the left side of the assignment, it is this object that is modified by the assignment operation. Most often, the return value of an overloaded assignment operator is the object on the left, after the assignment has been made. (This is in keeping with the traditional action of the = operator.) For example, to allow statements like
string GetLocale()
Through the use of the INFO method, application-layer information could be transferred in the middle of a call, thereby affording user-agent servers, user-agent clients, or proxies the opportunity to act upon the information. For example, a prepaid subscriber could be informed in the middle of a call if the subscriber s prepaid account is nearing zero. The SIP INFO method is a flexible tool and, as such, does not define the information that may or may not be sent using the INFO method. Typically, the INFO method would convey the user information within a message body, with the content and structure of the message body dependent upon the type of information to be conveyed. For example, an indication that the user s prepaid account balance is near zero could be conveyed in a message body in the form of text.
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