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Dial-in modem Many PBXs employ an administrative dial-in modem so that the PBX administrator can perform remote administrative duties. Often, dial-in access uses either a default password or no authentication at all. Toll fraud One of the most enticing opportunities on a PBX is the ability to commit toll fraud by using it to place long-distance telephone calls. This is done by logging into the PBX (when passwords are weak or nonexistent) and changing its configuration to permit the attacker to place long-distance calls at the PBX owner s expense. Espionage PBXs are also the target of attempts to eavesdrop on telephone conversations as well as retrieve phone records. Many PBXs have IP connections to facilitate administrative access. PBXs with IP connectivity are subject to the broader scope of IP-related threats and vulnerabilities that are discussed in detail earlier in this chapter in the section, Logical Access Controls.
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5. Thinking Critically What is the significance of elevating or lowering the bottle until the
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Part II:
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1, 2, 3 Enter X,Y,Z values: 4 5 6 4, 5, 6
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Subtypes: Three Variations of Two
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Type of T is System.Int32 value: 102 Type of T is System.String value: Generics add power.
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toward the center of your original object. This reduces the shadow s opacity, making it appear lighter and allowing the page background color and any underlying objects to become more visible.
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In this chapter you ll learn how to get the drugstore items and medical attention you need. You ll also learn how to use body language to convey your feelings and to say how long you ve been suffering.
Get more done with less pain! Using your PDA helps you be more organized, which gives you more free time. All while keeping track of key details.
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The Spell Checker and Grammatik tools share common buttons in the Writing Tools dialog. These buttons perform the functions described here:
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