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and 2.24. A model with this level of detail typically contains information that is traditionally found in the design development (DD) documents of a project. Such models can easily be used for presentations to design review committees, potential project investors, etc. A word of caution: To the layperson a model of this level of detail will appear to contain all the information required for construction. Unless it is properly presented, this may lead to false expectations on the part of a viewer who does not share the understanding of the project team who generated the model. This type of model may also be expandable to a new level of detail that would enable it to evolve into the next category of sophistication. This will have to be planned, however, so that the modeling strategy will take this into account and not make it unnecessarily complicated. Figure 2.24 Architectural design model. The software can cut out any portion of the model to facilitate viewing the interior structure and details from any angle. (Image courtesy of Vico.)
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17: IOS Device Management
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when an out-of-range value is assigned. The best way to do this is by thowing an exception. See 13 for a discussion of exceptions.
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Arrays and Strings
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The C# keyword lock is really just shorthand for using the synchronization features defined by the Monitor class, which is defined in the System.Threading namespace. Monitor defines several methods that control or manage synchronization. For example, to obtain a lock on an object, call Enter( ). To release a lock, call Exit( ). These methods are shown here: public static void Enter(object syncOb) public static void Exit(object syncOb) Here, syncOb is the object being synchronized. If the object is not available when Enter( ) is called, the calling thread will wait until it becomes available. You will seldom use Enter( ) or Exit( ), however, because a lock block automatically provides the equivalent. For this reason, lock is the preferred method of obtaining a lock on an object when programming in C#. One method in Monitor that you may find useful on occasion is TryEnter( ). One of its forms is shown here: public static bool TryEnter(object syncOb) It returns true if the calling thread obtains a lock on syncOb and false if it doesn t. In no case does the calling thread wait. You could use this method to implement an alternative if the desired object is unavailable. Monitor also defines these three methods: Wait( ), Pulse( ), and PulseAll( ). They are described in the next section.
Sales Representative TI-Commission: 5B. Link Commission Multiplier
The Shortcut key entry is something that will enable you to launch this macro again just by pressing the Ctrl key and the key you specify here. The key that you specify can be lower case or upper case. You will see that if you enter in upper case letter, the sign will read Ctrl Shift, and, in fact, you will have to press the additional Shift key to get to the upper case character. Whenever you specify shortcut keys, be careful that you do not specify a letter that is already used by Excel. For example, the following keys are used by Excel in combination with the Ctrl key. (I have used the lowercase letter to indicate that you do not need to apply the Shift key.)
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4. With the music notes selected, click the white color well on the Color Palette to
Basic Composition
If you follow the null pointer convention, you will avoid many problems when using pointers.
{ for( ;i; i--) cout << "-"; cout << "\n"; } void vline(int i) { for( ; i; i--) cout << "|\n"; }
We have neither reviewed the report nor the videotape.
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