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The C# Language
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threats and selects those that have some reasonable possibility of occurrence, however small. In a threat analysis, the auditor will consider each threat and document a number of facts about each, including: Probability of occurrence This may be expressed in qualitative (high, medium, low) or quantitative (percentage or number of times per year, for example) terms. The probability should be as realistic as possible, recognizing the fact that actuarial data on business risk is difficult to obtain and more difficult to interpret. Here, an auditor s judgment is required to establish a reasonable probability. Impact This is a short description of the results if the threat is actually realized. This is usually a short description, from a few words to a couple of sentences. Loss This is usually a quantified and estimated loss should the threat actually occur. This figure might be a loss of revenue per day (or week or month) or the replacement cost for an asset, for example. Possible mitigating controls This is a list of one or more countermeasures that can reduce the probability or the impact of a threat, or both. Countermeasure cost and effort The cost and effort to implement each countermeasure should be identified, either with a high-medium-low qualitative figure or a quantitative estimate. Updated probability of occurrence With each mitigating control, a new probability of occurrence should be cited. A different probability, one for each mitigating control, should be specified. Updated impact With each mitigating control, a new impact of occurrence should be described. For certain threats and countermeasures, the impact may be the same, but for some threats, it may be different. For example, for a threat of fire, a mitigating control may be an inert gas fire suppression system. The new impact (probably just downtime and cleanup) will be much different from the original impact (probably water damage from a sprinkler system). The auditor will put all of this information into a chart (or electronic spreadsheet) to permit further analysis and the establishment of conclusions primarily, which threats are the most likely to occur and which ones have the greatest potential impact on the organization. NOTE The risk analysis method described here is no different from the risk analysis that takes place during the business impact assessment phase in a disaster recovery project, covered in 7.
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(AFP). Intraoperative examination reveals bilateral ovarian masses and intraperitoneal dissemination. Tumor biopsy reveals Schiller-Duval bodies Endodermal sinus tumor (yolk sac tumor) These tumors are rare, found in young females. They may secrete estrogen, causing precocious puberty and abnormal vaginal bleeding. b-hCG is commonly elevated and serves as a tumor marker Embryonal carcinoma and choriocarcinoma A young female presents with abdominal enlargement. Radiographic films reveal a unilateral mass with calcification. Tumor markers are not present. Histology of the removed specimen reveals the presence of a poorly differentiated tumor consisting of hair, teeth, cartilage, bone, and muscle Immature (malignant) teratoma This dysgerminoma is the female counterpart of the male seminoma and commonly occurs in adolescents and young females. It is the most common of the malignant OGCTs and typically presents as a rapidly growing unilateral mass. Lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) may be elevated Dysgerminoma A young female presents with tachycardia, palpitations, anxiety, and tremors. The pituitary and thyroid appear normal on examination and radiographic films. The patient is later found to have a mature teratoma consisting of thyroid tissue Mixed GCTs These neoplasms contain two or more germ cell elements. A dysgerminoma and endodermal sinus tumor occur together most frequently. LDH, AFP, and b-hCG may be elevated Struma ovarii
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What are the treatment options for an ectopic pregnancy
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High Definition Data Streams
Only one child object in a group can be selected at a time, which means you can t marquee-select or SHIFT-select multiple objects when selecting child objects. For changes to several objects in a group, you need to ungroup the group. Knowing the child group terminology will help you down the road, as you select objects within a group. When a child object is selected, the Status Bar tells you the current layer, that the object is a child object, and the color and outline width of the selected child object. You ll see the Status Bar indicate properties such as Child Curve, Child Rectangle, Child Ellipse, Child Artistic Text, and so on. Groups that are objects themselves within a group are referred to as child groups. Within a group, items that are dynamically linked to effects are called child control objects such as Child Control Curves and Child Control Rectangles. Child objects for an effect are named child effect groups, such as Child Blend Group.
provided that this limit exists. See Figure 5.3.
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is the entity that usually investigates the causes of bridge failures. It has the general authority under 49 U.S.C. 1131 to investigate selected highway accidents in cooperation with state authorities. The Coast Guard (CG) and the Army Corps of Engineers (COE) have the responsibility of clearing and reopening the waterways after oods or a vessel collision. The CG is the authority that will declare the river safe for navigation once river debris has been removed. The COE is the agency responsible for clearing federal navigation channels and assisting in the removal of river debris with a barge-based crane operation. 3. Federal Highway Funding Programs are the main source for funding of bridge repairs. FHWA s Emergency Relief Program (ER) The ER program is also administered through the state DOT s. The ER program provides funding for bridges damaged in natural disasters or that were subject to catastrophic failures. The program provides funds for emergency repairs immediately after the failure to restore essential traf c, as well as for long-term permanent repairs. The ER program is considered to have a good track record in getting traf c alternatives such as detours, transit, or ferryboat service in place. It also uses innovative contracting to accelerate the rebuilding of any damaged federal-aid highway facilities. Rehabilitation is warranted by inclusion of an existing bridge in an approved funding program. Interstate preventive maintenance (IPM) projects cater to: Accidents caused by de ciencies Corrosion prevention by painting Sealing of cracks Deck joint repairs Highway capacity improvement Safety improvement or other structural improvement programs. 4. Examples of special situations for funding are: The need for providing scour countermeasures Seismic retro t of bearings and connections Condition of the bridge: According to Bridge Management System Coding Manual, Publication 100A. For example, in Pennsylvania a condition rating of 6 or less would require the need for rehabilitation. If a bridge is structurally de cient or functionally obsolete, with a suf ciency rating of 50, it may receive funds through Federal Critical Bridge (FCB) Funds for either replacement or rehabilitation. If a bridge is structurally de cient or functionally obsolete, with a suf ciency rating between 50 and 80, it may receive funds through Federal Critical Bridge (FCB) Funds for rehabilitation only. All the de ciencies and problems listed in inspection reports must be addressed and resolved. 5. The Federal-Aid Highway Program is funded by the Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). These are several large core formula-driven programs through which highway funds are apportioned to the state DOT s, namely: Interstate Maintenance Program (IMP) National Highway System (NHS) Surface Transportation Program (STP)
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Broadband ISDN
Case Study: The Entrepreneurial Possibilities of DVD
OWNER is still maintained in the RDBMS.PRM file and will be ignored if entered here. To change a database parameter, 1. Click Parameters from the toolbar or File | Parameters from the pull-down menu. 2. Select the Parameter tab.
in the room in Data Table 1. 2. Thoroughly clean and dry a 125-mL dropping bottle. Screw the cap onto the bottle, leaving the hinged cap open. 3. Use a ring stand and clamp to suspend the assembled dropping bottle in a 1000-mL beaker that is placed on a hot plate, as shown in Figure A.
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