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TABLE 21-7 Methods De ned by Decimal (continued)
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Amplifier Design
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NOTE The Access Management Console uses MSRPC on port 135 for communications.
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// Use regular parameter with a params parameter. using System; class MyClass { public void ShowArgs(string msg, params int[] nums) { Console.Write(msg + ": "); foreach(int i in nums) Console.Write(i + " "); Console.WriteLine(); } } class ParamsDemo2 { static void Main() { MyClass ob = new MyClass(); ob.ShowArgs("Here are some integers", 1, 2, 3, 4, 5); ob.ShowArgs("Here are two more", 17, 20); } }
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Summary This chapter has been a brief introduction to the synchronous analyzer. As has been shown, these analyzers vary considerably in capabilities and functionality. The choice of analyzer is largely determined by the user s application. Detailed information on analyzers is best obtained from the instrument manufacturers, all of whom produce detailed technical specifications for their products. In addition, some manufacturers also produce detailed application notes that describe the use of analyzers in different test situations. These application notes are often the best source of information for someone looking to build on the basic descriptions in this chapter. data matrix generator
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The Search Methods Offered by String (continued)
ASCII/Binary ASCII/Binary
Part II:
What factors suggest the presence of a complicated urinary infection
# is a language designed for the modern computing environment, of which the Internet is, obviously, an important part. A main design criteria for C# was, therefore, to include those features necessary for accessing the Internet. Although earlier languages, such as C and C++, could be used to access the Internet, support serverside operations, download files, and obtain resources, the process was not as streamlined as most programmers would like. C# remedies that situation. Using standard features of C# and the .NET Framework, it is easy to Internet-enable your applications and write other types of Internet-based code. Networking support is contained in several namespaces defined by the .NET Framework. The primary namespace for networking is System.Net. It defines a large number of highlevel, easy-to-use classes that support the various types of operations common to the Internet. Several namespaces nested under System.Net are also provided. For example, low-level networking control through sockets is found in System.Net.Sockets. Mail support is found in System.Net.Mail. Support for secure network streams is found in System.Net.Security. Several other nested namespaces provide additional functionality. Another important networking-related namespace is System.Web. It (and its nested namespaces) supports ASP.NET-based network applications. Although the .NET Framework offers great flexibility and many options for networking, for many applications, the functionality provided by System.Net is a best choice. It provides both convenience and ease-of-use. For this reason, System.Net is the namespace we will be using in this chapter.
The advance money is not all paid in one lump sum at the beginning of the development; rather, it s doled out a little at a time as the project progresses. The development contract will include a schedule with a series of milestones dates by which certain features must be in the game. On the milestone date, the development company will send a copy of the work in progress to the producer at the publisher. If the producer agrees that the required features are in fact present in the game and working properly, then he ll authorize the next milestone payment to the developer. If he doesn t agree, he ll point out what s wrong. This is one of the touchiest areas of publisher-developer relations. Publishers and developers often disagree on whether a feature has been implemented properly. The publisher withholds the milestone payment, the developer thinks they re being unfair, and a squabble ensues. If the developer is absolutely depending on the money coming in, the publisher can drive them out of business (and kill the project) by not making the payment. On the other hand, sometimes publishers make milestone payments even when they re not really satisfied with the quality of the work, because they can t afford to let the developer go out of business. Even if they could find another developer to take over the project in the middle, it will almost certainly be very late and screw up the publisher s product planning.
Time, Date, and System-Related Functions
The geographic dispersion of the user community plays a major role in the site selection for a data center. Whether a company has only domestic or domestic and international offices has a profound influence on data center aspects, such as availability for WAN bandwidth and hot sites. Ideally, the chosen site should yield the lowest overall network cost from the national exchange carriers while meeting all the other requirements mentioned in this chapter. One of the single largest cost items in building your data center will be the data network. Anyone who has ever ordered a data line from a local or national carrier knows that the distance from their office (demarcation point or demark) to the carrier s point of presence (POP) can translate into hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. A data center is no exception. Time Zones Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 and all Citrix products support time-zone translation meaning that the client machine will display the time based on its local time zone rather than the time zone of the server. This is a critical feature for organizations whose users may be in physically disparate time zones relative to where the servers are physically located.
send data up to 54 Mbps. Although the speed is very good, the range of 802.11a devices suffers, because they are limited to a 60-foot range.
// Demonstrate the if.
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