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Getting Ready for BusinessObjects XI
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The Workflow link on the left pane of the Planning Administration Console page is used to manage the Planning Server workflow. The OLAP cube refresh interval during the Planning Server workflows and SMTP server/account for e-mail notifications are also configured in the Workflow management page. Planning Server has two kinds of reports: Operational reports and Business reports. The Reporting link on the left pane of the Planning Administration Console opens the page where the location for the Operational reports and Business reports can be entered. SQL Server Reporting Services can be used to publish both Operational and Business reports. The appropriate path including the URL for the computer running SQL Server Reporting Services and the folder that contains the reports should be entered in the location text box for each type of report. In the Planning Business Modeler, members of the Data Administrator and Modeler roles can check out models, dimensions, and associations from a model site for maintenance purposes. When objects are checked out, other users cannot write data to them, and pertinent workflow task queues are frozen. The Cancel Checkout page of the Planning Administration Console can be used to remove the checked-out status of all objects in a model site. Clicking Force Cancel Checked Out Objects will check in all objects in the selected model site and then delete any changes that were made to the objects since they were last saved.
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Mass of the graduated cylinder Mass of the cylinder Mass of water Volume of water Density of water Mass of the cylinder Mass of ice Volume of ice Density of ice ice water
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Now as 0+ we have ln hence 1/ ln the improper integral converges to 1/ ln 2. You Try It: Evaluate the improper integral
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Shoot a Photograph from Snail s-Eye View
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// Demonstrate inheritance. #include <iostream> using namespace std; // Define a base class for vehicles. class road_vehicle { int wheels; int passengers; public: void set_wheels(int num) { wheels = num; } int get_wheels() { return wheels; } void set_pass(int num) { passengers = num; } int get_pass() { return passengers; } }; // Define a truck. class truck : public road_vehicle { int cargo; public: void set_cargo(int size) { cargo = size; } int get_cargo() { return cargo; } void show(); }; enum type {car, van, wagon}; // Define an automoble. class automobile : public road_vehicle { enum type car_type; public: void set_type(type t) { car_type = t; } enum type get_type() { return car_type; } void show(); }; void truck::show() { cout << "wheels: " << get_wheels() << "\n"; cout << "passengers: " << get_pass() << "\n"; cout << "cargo capacity in cubic feet: " << cargo << "\n"; }
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Sample Movie Listing
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Optical link Copper link
Bode Plots and Butterworth Filters
As the higher purpose statement at the beginning of this chapter states, be true to the wisdom of your highest inner counsel. In other words, sometimes you have to keep your thoughts to yourself. At the beginning of your journey, seek your own inner counsel of guidance and advice. Unless you feel extremely confident that the person with whom you are about to share your life s dreams and goals will support your quest 110 percent, will be there to cheer you on through the entire journey, and will believe in you as much as you do, then stop and reconsider discussing your plan with that person. In the beginning, keeping your larger vision private until you feel more confident that you can recognize those who will gleefully support you can save you an enormous amount of time spent explaining and defending yourself to those who simply don t get it. This is a waste of time to begin with. Either people get it or they don t. And if they don t, there s no sense in divulging your grand plan to them. You have a right to your privacy, and you have a right to your beliefs. Let this be the incubation stage of your personal growth until you have the right team and circle of friends in place. I ll discuss this in more detail and how to start putting into place a life board of directors later in this chapter.
Once you have imported users, groups, documents, universes, and connections into the XI repository, test the various elements. Refer to 13 to understand how security settings in earlier versions of BusinessObjects are translated in XI.
Closing ThoiJ 'hts
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8: General Obstetrics
This standard combines channel-level OAM bytes with client-protocol agnostic payload sections. These overhead features include performance monitoring, payload-independent FEC, and reserved ring protection/restoration bytes. For example, sample FEC solutions can deliver 2 3 dB gain with about 6 percent bandwidth overhead a good improvement [3]. Nevertheless, protocols have not yet been defined for actual protection switching. Overall, the digital wrappers approach is not fully transparent but does extend carrier-grade BER-level monitoring to all formats (Ethernet included). In the longer-term, this may be acceptable as network regeneration will still be a necessity (albeit regeneration distances may increase with improving technology). In particular, this solution is most germane in long/ultra-long haul DWDM settings. As DWDM platforms add more diverse capabilities and interconnect with multivendor nodes (Layers 1, 2, 3), advanced NMS/OSS solutions are required for end-to-end services management. Specifically, these tools must support a host of features such as remote configuration, performance monitoring, fault detection/alarming, failure isolation, diagnostics, and logging/reporting. Hence, many incumbent carriers have developed advanced embedded OSS solutions based upon the Telecordia Operations Systems Modification for the Integration of Network Elements (OSMINE) process. To assist with OSS integration, many DWDM vendors now provide associated northbound CORBA interfaces and/or direct TL1 (or SNMP) communication with the EMS/NMS solutions. Enterprise Ethernet OAM has traditionally lagged far behind SONET/SDH [11]. Therefore, carriers wanting carrier-grade OAM support for their data services have had to choose EoS delivery mandating a costly TDM layer. This deficiency has prompted much work in native Ethernet OAM and new standards are finally maturing and offering SONET-like capabilities. Broadly speaking, Ethernet OAM defines a multisegmented hierarchical model for end-to-end management across multiple domains, client and carrier. Here, multiple Ethernet demarcation devices (EDD) are defined along the end-to-end (data) connection path to assist with testing and monitoring. Specifically, client-side EDD entities reside on carrier-owned devices that connect to customer premise equipment (CPE) and implement the carrier-tocustomer interface, or UNI. Meanwhile, core EDD entities reside at the carrier-to-carrier interface, or NNI. Using this framework, three OAM layers are defined, including service, connectivity, and link. Service-layer OAM focuses on end-to-end Ethernet visibility (UNI-to-UNI) and implements a host of features such as continuity checks, service loopback, fault/ defect indication (signaling), and SLA monitoring (ITU-T Y.1731EthOAM). In particular, the latter collects statistics based upon carrier-settable thresholds and compares against SLA metrics for packet delay, packet jitter, packet loss, and so on. Client service-specific OAM is also possible here. Meanwhile, the connectivity OAM layer is somewhat similar, but more focused on multipoint features between carrier edge devices (IEEE 802.1ag). Finally, transport/link-layer OAM (IEEE 802.3ah) handles localized (link-level) threshold alarms, remote failure indication, and loopback testing functions. Overall, multilayer OAM enables rapid segment-by-segment fault localization between the EDD elements, helping reduce management costs and minimize truck rolls.
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