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Arranging and Organizing Objects
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Skills and Careers in the Game Industry
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was developed in the mid-1980s as a response to these shortcomings. FDDI was also token-based (in fact, it uses Token Ring as its basis) and supported 100-Mbps bandwidth using fiber optic cable deployed in a dual ring configuration. Traffic on each of the rings, referred to as the primary and secondary, flowed in opposite directions.
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Part I:
First, notice that the code in Tick( ) is contained within a lock block. Recall, Wait( ) and Pulse( ) can be used only inside synchronized blocks. The method begins by checking the value of the running parameter. This parameter is used to provide a clean shutdown of the clock. If it is false, then the clock has been stopped. If this is the case, a call to Pulse( ) is made to enable any waiting thread to run. We will return to this point in a moment. Assuming the clock is running when Tick( ) executes, the word Tick is displayed, and then a call to Pulse( ) takes place followed by a call to Wait( ). The call to Pulse( ) allows a thread waiting on the same lock to run. The call to Wait( ) causes Tick( ) to suspend until another thread calls Pulse( ). Thus, when Tick( ) is called, it displays one Tick, lets another thread run, and then suspends. The Tock( ) method is an exact copy of Tick( ), except that it displays Tock. Thus, when entered, it displays Tock, calls Pulse( ), and then waits. When viewed as a pair, a call to Tick( ) can be followed only by a call to Tock( ), which can be followed only by a call to Tick( ), and so on. Therefore, the two methods are mutually synchronized. The reason for the call to Pulse( ) when the clock is stopped is to allow a final call to Wait( ) to succeed. Remember, both Tick( ) and Tock( ) execute a call to Wait( ) after displaying their message. The problem is that when the clock is stopped, one of the methods will still be waiting. Thus, a final call to Pulse( ) is required in order for the waiting method to run. As an experiment, try removing this call to Pulse( ) inside Tick( ) and watch what happens. As you will see, the program will hang, and you will need to press ctrl-c to exit. The reason for this is that when the final call to Tock( ) calls Wait( ), there is no corresponding call to Pulse( ) that lets Tock( ) conclude. Thus, Tock( ) just sits there, waiting forever. Before moving on, if you have any doubt that the calls to Wait( ) and Pulse( ) are actually needed to make the clock run right, substitute this version of TickTock into the preceding program. It has all calls to Wait( ) and Pulse( ) removed.
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1. Convert the background radiation readings in Data Table 1 to a count rate in cpm by
Selecting a Redundancy Solution The redundancy recommendations and requirements for the logon agent are identical to that of the web server. As with the web server, use Microsoft Network load balancing or a hardware load balancer. The logon agent is also completely stateless. When using multiple logon agents with a hardware load balancer, new users, as well as currently logged-on users, are unaffected if a logon agent fails.
EIGRP is a Cisco-proprietary routing protocol for TCP/IP. It s actually based on Cisco s proprietary IGRP routing protocol, with many enhancements built into it. Because it has its roots in IGRP, the configuration is similar to IGRP; however, it has many link state characteristics that were added to it to allow EIGRP to scale to enterprise network sizes. These characteristics include the following:
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