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What Is a Source-Level Debugger
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2. Calculate the frequency of each wavelength of light given in Data Table 2. Recall that
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Exploring the C# Library
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Choosing PostScript Options
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Part II:
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#define GETFILE "Enter File Name" // ... cout << "GETFILE is a macro name\n";
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TIP Consider formatting the break footer row so that your subtotals stand out. NOTE If you do not have your break options set to include a break footer, the calculations are
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When an event handler is added, add is called and a reference to the handler (contained in value) is put into the first unused (that is, null) element of evnt. If no element is free, then an error is reported. (Of course, throwing an exception when the list is full would be a better approach for real-world code.) Since evnt is only three elements long, only three event handlers can be stored. When an event handler is removed, remove is called and the evnt array is searched for the reference to the handler passed in value. If it is found, its element in the array is assigned null, thus removing the handler from the list. When an event is fired, OnSomeEvent( ) is called. It cycles through the evnt array, calling each event handler in turn. As the preceding example shows, it is relatively easy to implement a custom eventhandler storage mechanism if one is needed. For most applications, though, the default storage provided by the non-accessor form of event is better. The accessor-based form of event can be useful in certain specialized situations, however. For example, if you have a program in which event handlers need to be executed in order of their priority and not in the order in which they are added to the chain, then you could use a priority queue to store the handlers.
At the beginning of a project, the focus is to specify all the tasks necessary to complete the game. There are many tasks which remain relatively constant from one project to the next, but equally, depending on the platform, the genre, the experience of the team members, and so on, there are many variables. Because of this, it is often impossible to specify tasks in detail at the beginning of a project. Therefore, it s important to leave time for researching and clarifying matters later on, and to factor in the estimated time for those tasks as well. Scheduling and project planning are areas in which it is crucial to work closely with the project leads (although, truth to tell, it s important throughout any project!). Once the initial planning and scheduling is done and the project is under way, the producer s focus shifts to tracking the progress of the tasks and adjusting the schedule so that, hopefully, the end date doesn t shift. Kim Blake, Producer, Particle Systems
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