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Improved User Experience and Faster Graphics Performance
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The following sections will discuss how to set up PIM on your appliance. NOTE The security appliances support many multicast features, including mixing bi-directional and SM PIM, controlling the propagation of PIM messages by defining a multicast boundary, and others. However, because of space constraints, this section only discusses the more commonly configured PIM features. PIM and Interfaces When you enable multicast routing with the multicast-routing command, both IGMP and PIM are automatically enabled on all interfaces. To disable or enable PIM on an interface, use the following configuration:
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C++ from the Ground Up
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Build Your Own Combat Robot
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This formula is accurate only if the phase slope crosses zero at the center of its fall, which is an optimum, or high-phase-margin, condition. It is evident from the formula that the highest loaded Q of the oscillator depends on the bandwidth being narrow within the gain response plot for a high-quality and stable oscillator design. The loaded Q of an LC (or VCO) oscillator must never be allowed to degrade below 5 or 10 and should preferably be much higher to stabilize the oscillator and to lower its phase noise. And by increasing the oscillator s power output
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Although the backup data center is much smaller than the main data center, defining the critical components is still an important part of the business-continuity plan to ensure that everything will work upon failover. Although the list of required hardware and software for most organizations will differ, studying the components required at the CME data center and comparing these to the headquarters data center will allow you to extrapolate what is needed for your organization. CME s backup data center will require the following components: Ten Citrix XenApp servers imaged from the CME headquarters data center to support the 500 possible users required upon failover A DMZ-based NetScaler Enterprise/Access Gateway Enterprise appliance and an internal Web Interface One Oracle Database server One Microsoft SQL server One Microsoft Exchange server
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7. Enter the port number (the default is 443).
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23: Address Translation
TABLE 13-3 Access Levels Are Granted to Groups and Individual Users
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In the United States, and possibly in other countries, indicators are not supposed to be based solely on color. Approximately 7 percent of men suffer from some form of color blindness and, in its most common form, may be unable to distinguish between red and green. Therefore, indicators should not only have colors but also shapes or positions which identify them. KPIs have an indicator of their relative health against a target, but this target may be set in several different ways. It may simply be a hard-coded value, decided on ahead of time. Many companies set a revenue goal before each fiscal year and that number can be typed in as part of the KPI. Other times, the target may come from a data source such as an Analysis Services cube or Excel spreadsheet. The target may be an actual value from that data source or a calculation based on the value. For example, if a company is projecting sales for 2009, they may simply apply a formula that calculates a 10 percent increase over sales for the same time period in 2008. Imagine that a company has set a target of having an employee turnover rate of no more than 15 percent. Each month this number is examined and for each month the value is less than 15 percent. This means that the indicator would show a good or healthy symbol. However, what if the actual values for the past three months were 7 percent, 12 percent, and 14 percent While the number is still good, there seems to be a trend going on, and trends may be important to the business. This is another component that separates KPIs from measures: KPIs can include trends, and the calculations for determining trends can be simple or complex. It s important to understand that KPIs that are healthy might have negative trends, as in the case with the employee turnover rate. KPIs that are unhealthy may nonetheless have positive trends, meaning that while the situation is bad, it is improving. The trend may be as simple as whether or not the current value is better than the previous value, or a complex calculation can be employed that helps factor in a longer time period. If sales decline for six straight months and in month seven are $1 higher than month six, should the trend suddenly appear as positive, or should a more complex calculation be used, such as a weighted moving average Trend indicators, like the health indicators, can vary, but they are usually arrows which can point up, down, or towards the middle. For each KPI, the designer of the scorecard must identify what constitutes a positive trend: an increasing value, a decreasing value, or staying within a certain range. For sales, an increasing value is clearly good. For expenses, a decreasing value should show a positive, or up, trend. For other measures, such as medical laboratory results, values might need to be in a particular range, such as between 5.2 and 8.3. Anything above or below that range is considered abnormal and therefore has a negative trend.
primary(config)# mode multiple <--output omitted--> primary(config)# interface e0/0 primary(config-if)# no shutdown primary(config-if)# exit primary(config)# interface e0/1 primary(config-if)# no shutdown primary(config-if)# exit primary(config)# interface e0/2 primary(config-if)# no shutdown primary(config-if)# exit
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