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Fixing Structural Items Typical examples are as follows:
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Figure 6 - 2
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Since the for loop runs only from 0 to 100, which is well within the range of a byte, there is no need to use a larger type variable to control it. When you need an integer that is larger than a byte or sbyte, but smaller than an int or uint, use short or ushort.
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FIGURE 7.20.
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Character-Based Class
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The Other-Directed Heart
Notice that if no command line arguments have been specified, an instructional message is printed. A program with command line arguments often issues instructions if the user attempts to run the program without entering the proper information. To access an individual character in one of the command line arguments, add a second index to argv. For example, the next program displays all the arguments with which it was called, one character at a time:
// Using casts in an expression. using System; class CastExpr { static void Main() { double n; for(n = 1.0; n <= 10; n++) {
number Sum(number [report_variable])
When run, the program produces the following result:
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