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A reasonable contingency for change orders will continue to be a valuable risk management tool in projects utilizing BIM. Below is a recommended contract clause for maintaining a contingency: Use of a BIM Model on the Project The Owner and Design Professional acknowledge the Project will be designed using Building Information Modeling (BIM). The Owner acknowledges the use of BIM by the design and construction teams may not result in savings for the Owner. It is anticipated the use of BIM will assist with a better understanding of the design, coordination of documents by the design team, better and earlier understanding of costs and potential construction conflicts prior to the starts of construction. The Owner and the Design Professional acknowledge a reasonable number of change orders may occur during the construction resulting from errors and omissions in the documents prepared by the Design Professional and its consultants. Owner agrees to maintain a reasonable contingency in the estimate and budget to be used for design coordination change orders.4
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Citrix Presentation Server enables application virtualization using a centralized and secure architecture. Presentation Server enables IT to centrally deploy and manage applications, while providing secure access to these resources for users anywhere, on any device, and on any network. Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 is available in three different editions: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.
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IOS Image Files
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8: General Obstetrics
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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SIP/ISUP conversion ISUP-bis PSTN switch SIP over IP ISUP/SIP conversion ISUP PSTN switch
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CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide
void enter(), init_list(), display(); void update(), input(int i); int menu(); int main() { char choice; init_list(); for(;;) { choice = menu(); switch(choice) { case 'e': enter(); break; case 'd': display(); break; case 'u': update(); break; case 'q': return 0; } } } // Initialize the array. void init_list() { int t; // a zero length name signifies empty for(t=0; t<SIZE; t++) *invtry[t].item = '\0'; } // Get a menu selection. int menu() { char ch; cout << '\n'; do { cout << "(E)nter\n"; cout << "(D)isplay\n"; cout << "(U)pdate\n"; cout << "(Q)uit\n\n"; cout << "choose one: "; cin >> ch; } while(!strchr("eduq", tolower(ch))); return tolower(ch); } // Enter items into the list.
6. Click on a straight line segment that should curve away from the photo. Then click
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