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There are two ways in which Smart Home components can be added to your home. First, and probably the most likely scenario, you could be adding Smart Home devices to an existing home. As such, you probably want to avoid stringing up a lot of wiring (although it is certainly possible, if necessary) and favor simple, plug-in solutions. X10 (which we ll cover in more depth in 4) utilizes existing home wiring to send messages to various appliances. This is a less costly option than installing new wiring. However, some solutions (like security systems and quality audio and video distribution) will require new wiring to be installed. The other scenario is that you are lucky enough to have new construction and can add your projects before sheetrock is hung and paint is slapped on the walls. Both scenarios present their pros and cons.
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Handling Messages
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The syntax of the filter activex command is basically the same as the filter java command and behaves in the same manner. If you want to filter all ActiveX scripts, use this example:
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N a m e s p a c e s , t h e P r e p r o c e s s o r, a n d A s s e m b l i e s
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ciscoasa(config)# wccp {web-cache | service_number} [redirect-list ACL_ID] [group-list ACL_ID] [password password]
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Photograph Skyscapes
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Divided into chapters based on applications of the Enneagram communication, feedback, conflict, teams, leadership, and personal transformation. Each chapter includes three detailed development activities for individuals of each style, plus activities for everyone. Available at all major online and retail bookstores.
The output from this program is shown here:
Nominal Cell Voltage Batter y Type (volts) Lead Acid 2.1 Nickel Cadmium 1.25 Nickel Metal Hydride 1.4 Nickel Zinc 1.6 Nickel Iron 1.25 Sodium Sulfur 2.08 Sodium Nick el Chloride 2.59 Zinc Bromine 1.8 Zinc Air 1.62 Lithium Iron Disulfide 1.66 3.5 Lithium Polymer Table 8-5 Operating Temp Range (degrees C) 35 70 30 50 20 60 40 65 40 80 300 400 250 350 0 45 25 65 400 450 0 100 Life Cycles 600 2000 600 250 800 350 1000 500 70 500 300 Theoretical Spec Energ y (wh/lb) 79.5 99.1 84.1 155.0 121.4 345.5 360.0 194.5 595.5 295.5 248.2 3 Hr Rate Spec Energ y (wh/lb) 15.9 25.0 29.5 27.3 22.7 38.6 59.1 31.8 59.1 75.0 72.7 Energy Density (kwh/cu ft) 2.55 3.40 4.96 2.83 3.40 3.26 4.81 1.98 1.84 6.80 7.36 Specific Power Power Density 30 sec pulse 30 sec pulse (watts/lb) (kw/cu ft) 72.7 8.50 86.4 9.35 68.2 11.33 59.1 2.83 52.3 6.51 54.5 5.10 76.3 6.37 38.6 3.26 22.7 1.84 170.5 1.56 90.9 5.95
saved at the beginning of this chapter.
Figure 6.43 (a) A distributed bandstop filter; (b) with equivalent lumped series shunt circuit.
7. Click OK to close the list of values display and return to the Properties tab. 8. If you are satisfied with your customizations, enable the check box Export With Universe and click OK.
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Tilt Sensors
Reporting and Analysis
Has 60 pins Has 26 pins and is flat, like a USB cable
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