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FIGURE 22-14
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Kroger, the country s largest grocery company, with about 3,600 stores nationwide, has recently completed a trial of fingerprint biometrics recognition in conjunction with check cashing in its stores. Because of the trial program s success, Kroger fielded the system in 250 stores nationwide by the first quarter of 2000. Kroger uses a fingerprint scanning system. In each store, approximately 45 percent of all Kroger customers write checks to pay for their purchases. These customers are given the opportunity to participate in the fingerprint-scanning program. A Kroger executive said that about 8,000 to 10,000 customers per store participated in the test phase of the program. Kroger reportedly has been pleased with the program s performance as well as the overall reduction of check fraud in its stores. In the six trial stores, approximately 1,000 incidents of check fraud took place each month before Kroger implemented the system. The pilot stores have had zero incidents of check fraud since implementation. This dramatic drop in the incidence of fraud has created a large enough savings that the system should pay for itself within a year. In 2002, Kroger has been experimenting with a new retail point-of-sale system in several of its stores in College Station, Texas. Shoppers who enroll free of charge to use SecureTouch-n-Pay, the finger image machine, simply walk up to the cashier station and pay with their fingerprint. A Kroger executive explained that Kroger experienced very little negative reaction from customers to the use of fingerprint scanning. Customers have been pleased at the hassle-free process. No longer do they need to show an ID card but simply put their finger on the scanner and within a second the process is over. After a customer places his finger on the
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The concept of arrays of pointers is straightforward because the indexes keep the meaning clear. However, cases in which one pointer points to another can be very confusing. A pointer to a pointer is a form of multiple indirection, or a chain of pointers. Consider Figure 6-3. In the case of a normal pointer, the value of the pointer is the address of the location that contains the value desired. In the case of a pointer to a pointer, the first pointer contains the address of the second pointer, which contains the address of the location that contains the value desired. barcode reader control
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11: Using I/O
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Ideally, professional-caliber applications should let you do anything that you could conceivably need to do when it comes to disc recording. As might be expected, these are the most expensive applications, but many of the ease-of-use features common to more basic applications also appear in these high-end counterparts. No longer is it necessary to struggle with command-line syntax or dif cult format issues to premaster a CD-ROM or DVD-Video disc. GEAR PRO DVD evolved from the GEAR product line introduced by Elektroson, a Netherlands-based CD-R pioneer. Elektroson originated many of the processes that have become common in the recordable CD eld, such as mastering from virtual images and simulation of CD performance. They also produced some of the earliest versions of premastering tools, and the product line of succession led directly to GEAR. Early versions of GEAR could handle premastering on a wide variety of computer platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX. GEAR is noteworthy for the level of precision and control it permits over the recording process, with functions that manage interleaving of different data types, sector-level layout, individual sizing of sectors, and other low-level controls. Now distributed by, a software rm based in Jupiter, Florida, GEAR PRO DVD includes the capability of premastering to CD-R, CD-RW, or DVD-R media. File system support runs the gamut from ISO 9660 and Joliet to UNIX with the Rock Ridge extensions and version 2.0 of UDF. Upon launching the program, GEAR opens to a conventional application window, shown in Figure 6 - 22, that displays the drive volumes in two upper panes and the selections for disc recording on two bottom panes. Files and folders are dragged from directory tree above to the lower right pane. The resulting le structure is displayed in the two lower panes. File information, including the starting sector number where the le will be written to disc, appears to the right of each lename.
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Download at Boykma.Com
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Now, this method can t be overridden. class X : D { // Error! MyMethod() is sealed! public override void MyMethod() { /* ... */ } }
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Video format decoder Receiver front end Demodulator transmission layer decoder Transport layer decoder De-MVX data streams VID AUD AUX data To audio decoder AUX control AUX data
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Myth: Blu-ray Players Can t Play CDs or DVDs
Perishable Goods Application
A 76-year-old man has several gray scaly spots on his face that are sensitive to touch. 1. The clinical impression of a melanoma with regression is supported by the dermoscopic picture. 2. The gray pseudonetwork seen here is created by confluent annular-granular structures. 3. Annular-granular structures can be seen in pigmented actinic keratosis, lichen-planus keratosis, and lentigo maligna. 4. Annular-granular structures are the only criterion that is 100% diagnostic of lentigo maligna. 5. Multiple scaly lesions favor a diagnosis of pigmented actinic keratosis.
Although the preceding examples have demonstrated the basic mechanism of indexers and properties, they haven t displayed their full power. To conclude this chapter, a class called RangeArray is developed that uses indexers and properties to create an array type in which the index range of the array is determined by the programmer. As you know, in C# all arrays begin indexing at zero. However, some applications would benefit from an array that allows indexes to begin at any arbitrary point. For example, in some situations it might be more convenient for an array to begin indexing with 1. In another situation, it might be beneficial to allow negative indexes, such as an array that runs from 5 to 5. The RangeArray class developed here allows these and other types of indexing. Using RangeArray, you can write code like this:
t m = tan -1
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