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the Standard Toolbar, use the CTRL+S shortcut, or choose File | Save. Each results in opening the Save Drawing dialog, as shown in Figure 3-3.
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The Synchronous Methods De ned by WebClient
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Passive Optical Networks (PONs)
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Camera Angles
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Associating Styles with Documents
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Darryl Duncan, GameBeat
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The numerator tends to 0 (see Example 5.3) and the denominator tends to 1. Thus
* At this time we are suggesting not exceeding 375 volts on the EHV models; we hope to bring that back up to 400 volts with further testing.
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P51
Now we are given that dV /dt = 20. Our question is posed at the moment that V = 64. But, according to ( ), this means that r = 3 48/ . Substituting these values into equation ( ) yields 20 = Solving for dr/dt yields dr 5 = 2/3 1/3 . dt 48 EXAMPLE 3.12
1. When complete deck replacement is anticipated and where feasible, consider elimination of deck joints rst. The decision to eliminate existing joints should be based on length of the structure, the type of bearings used, and substructure/foundation compatibility. Deck slab replacements shall be designed in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Speci cations and state code manual. 2. Special measures such as requiring the use of removable deck forms, retro tting stringers with shear connectors, design criteria exceptions, etc. may be required. 3. Precast members have better quality control and should be preferred. Simpli ed LRFD Calculations for Replacement of Deck (cast-in-place)* A. Data 6 HPS 70W girders; Spacing 8 ft centers; Corresponding slab depth D 8.5 in (refer to state bridge design manual) Effective depth d 8.5 in (1 in 0.75 in/2) assume rebar diameter 3/4 in; d 7.125 in; bf (top) 16 in; tf 1 in; Clear span 8 ft 1.333 ft 6.667 ft; fc Effective span Clear span d 6.667 ft 4.0 ksi 7.125 in/12
Listening to the voice of the consumers, having two rival formats is disappointing and we haven t totally given up on the possibility of integration or compromise. Within weeks, however, it was reported that the talks had completely broken down with neither side willing to compromise. Those hoping for a single next-generation format watched the situation go from bad to worse. A format war raged in China between EVD, HVD, and FVD, and convergence between HD DVD and BD seemed impossible. Meanwhile Microsoft s WMV-HD had sold a few titles in the US and was actually doing quite well in Europe. A few AVC-based formats such as DivX HD and Nero Digital attempted to make a land grab amidst the turmoil, but with little backing and no distinct disc specification to tie their formats to, they fell by the wayside. On May 10, Toshiba announced that it had developed a triple-layer HD DVD-ROM disc with a data capacity of 45 Gbytes, 50 percent more than the 30-Gbyte dual-layer disc. This brought them within spitting distance of Blu-ray s 50-Gbyte disc. Proponents of each camp argued incessantly that the other camp s highest-capacity disc was a fantasy and would never see the light of day. And in a somewhat glib response, Blu-ray promoters announced a theoretical four-layer version that could hold up to 100 Gbytes. The pendulum swung toward the HD DVD camp in June 2005 when Microsoft and Toshiba said they would consider working together on the development of HD DVD players using Microsoft Windows software. Microsoft chairman Bill Gates hinted that the Xbox 360 might add an HD DVD drive. The initial shipments of Xbox 360 will be based on today s DVD format, he said. We are looking at whether future versions of Xbox 360 will incorporate an additional capability of an HD DVD player or something else. It was not exactly a ringing endorsement of the format, but the Internet reality distortion machine was soon churning out reports that Gates had chosen HD DVD for the Xbox. Not surprisingly, considering and looking turned into doing, and an HD DVD drive was eventually released for the Xbox. Likewise, Toshiba s first HD DVD player was co-developed with Microsoft. On July 29, 2005, the pendulum swung back to the Blu-ray side when 20th Century Fox officially announced its support. Fox had cleverly hung back until it was the last holdout, so it was able to wrangle promises of increased content protection mechanisms in Blu-ray in return for its support. The BDA soon announced that it was adding ROM Mark (a mechanism to deter professional piracy of replicated discs) and BD+ (a system to implant special code on discs to check player security). The pendulum inched a bit more toward Blu-ray in August when Lionsgate and Universal Music Group announced their support. On August 22, the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper in Japan reported that yet another round of unification negotiations between the Blu-ray Disc Association and the DVD Forum had failed. Ironically, there was quite a bit of informal merging of specifications occurring behind the scenes. Some people attended spec-development meetings in both groups. Other companies kept separate delegates for each format, but people working on one format shared ideas and concerns with colleagues working on the other format. For example, in August an ad-hoc group of the DVD Forum published the Application Requirements document, a thorough investigation of scenarios desired by Hollywood studios and others in the industry. Features to support may of these scenarios soon appeared in the Blu-ray format.
ESP in tunnel mode, LZS compression, and PFS
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