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12: Delegates, Events, and Namespaces
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FIGURE 14.18. Quick-acting cams.
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Errored frame (errored frames per second) The total number of frame errors detected during a specified period exceeds a certain predefined threshold. Errored frame period (errored frames per N frames) The total number of frame errors within the last N frames has exceeded a certain predefined threshold. Both detection threshold and observation window size are customizable. Errored frame seconds summary (errored seconds per M seconds) The total number of errored seconds, defined in the standard as one second intervals with at least one frame error within the last M seconds, has exceeded some predefined threshold. Again, both detection threshold and observation window size are customizable.
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B FRS User Status Enquiry A FRS FRS FRAD Status Frame Relay Network Network FRAD
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// Use into with group. using System; using System.Linq; class IntoDemo { static void Main() { string[] websites = { "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "" };
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where Ic = the moment of inertia of the cam about its center of mass ac = the angular acceleration of the cam
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The Left function takes a string input_parameter and returns the leftmost input_num_chars.
Right-click pop-up menu
Let s examine this program closely. The program declares a delegate called StrMod that takes one string parameter and returns a string. In DelegateTest, three static methods are declared, each with a matching signature. These methods perform some type of string modification. Notice that ReplaceSpaces( ) uses one of string s methods, called Replace( ), to replace spaces with hyphens. In Main( ), a StrMod reference called strOp is created and assigned a reference to ReplaceSpaces( ). Pay close attention to this line:
give a neater look to a room.
the string In C#, strings are objects. is automatically made into a string object by C#. Thus, the use of the string class has been below the surface in the preceding programs. In this section, you will learn to handle them explicitly. Be aware, however, that the string class is quite large, and we will only scratch its surface here. It is a class that you will want to explore more fully on your own.
4.1.1 Network life cycle
A LAN interconnects network components located geographically close, such as the floor of a building, within a building, or on a campus. The LAN infrastructure used is built and owned by a company or other organization. Typically, no external provider, such as a telephone company, is used to connect different parts of the LAN. LANs can scale from very small sizes, such as a small office/home office (SOHO), to a large corporation spanning multiple buildings on a campus, commonly referred to as an enterprise LAN. Common components you ll find in a LAN include computers (PCs and servers), interconnections (network interface cards and media types such as cabling and wireless), network devices (routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, intrusion detection/ prevention systems, and so on), and protocols (Ethernet and TCP/IP). The main function of all of these components is to allow users to access applications and data, to share resources such as printers and network storage, and to connect to other networks if necessary. Today, Ethernet is the most common layer 2 LAN protocol implemented in company networks. The precursor to Ethernet was invented by Xerox in 1973. DEC, Intel, and Xerox standardized this precursor in the late 1970s, calling it the DIX implementation of Ethernet, based on the names of the three founders. The DIX version specified the transmission of data at 10-megabit-per-second (Mbps) speeds in a shared medium. DIX was then enhanced in 1982 and is now referred to as Ethernet II (version 2), which is commonly used today. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), a professional standards organization, defined new standards for Ethernet starting in the mid 1980s. The first two of these standards were 802.3, which deals with the physical
Frame Relay
When addressing speci c channel conditions, various CMs can be grouped together to provide an overall framework of applications. The framework would address two nominal categories of channel ow and bed conditions. One category pertains to moderate ows when the channel bed is stable and not subject to the passage of large bed forms. The second category pertains to severe ows when bed-sediment transport conditions would be disruptive of CMs used in the milder ow and bed conditions. Selected countermeasure types: Scour type to be addressed Local scour degradation, lateral erosion Description Graded broken rock placed below river bed in position by hand or dumped by boats and overlaid with soil
Event Log Events
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