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As you can see, the keyword virtual precedes the rest of the inherited class specification. Now that both derived1 and derived2 have inherited base as virtual, any multiple inheritance involving them will cause only one copy of base to be present. Therefore, in derived3 there is only one copy of base, and ob.i = 10 is perfectly valid and unambiguous. One further point to keep in mind: Even though both derived1 and derived2 specify base as virtual, base is still present in an object of either type. For example, the following sequence is perfectly valid:
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Resources and BD-J Module
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cprintf("This is a test of the clreol() function."); getch(); gotoxy(10, 10); clreol(); for(i=0; i<20; i++) cprintf("Hello there\n\r"); getch(); /* clear the screen */ clrscr(); return 0; }
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Figure 7-1. Organizational chart method of WBS
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Because the address of var is stored at ipa[2], applying the * operator to this index causes the value of var to be obtained. Like other arrays, arrays of pointers can be initialized. A common use for initialized pointer arrays is to hold pointers to strings. For example, to create a function that will output a fortune, you can define a number of different messages in a pointer array, as shown here:
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The C# Language
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We call a circuit consisting of a resistor and capacitor an RC circuit. Initially, the capacitor is connected to a voltage source by a switch. This allows the capacitor to charge up and attain an initial voltage. When the switch is thrown, the connection between the capacitor and the voltage source is broken and the capacitor is connected to the resistor. When this happens, the elements in the RC circuit start off with initial voltages and currents that decay rapidly to zero as the capacitor discharges through the resistor. In fact, the voltages and currents decay exponentially. We call such rapidly decaying voltages and currents transients. The initial circuit is shown in Fig. 6-6, where we see the capacitor connected to a voltage source. There is an open circuit between the capacitor and the resistor so nothing is happening to the resistor. Initially, it is trivial to see that applying KVL to the closed loop containing the voltage source and the capacitor puts a voltage V across the capacitor. This will be the initial condition when the switch is thrown to the right, disconnecting the voltage source and connecting the capacitor to the resistor. When this is done, we are left with the circuit shown in Fig. 6-7. To solve this circuit, we can apply KCL. Take a node at the top of the resistor and suppose that the current is owing in the clockwise direction. If we take +
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Microsoft SQL Services extends SQL Server capabilities to the cloud as web-based services. This allows the storage of structured, semistructured, and unstructured data. SQL Services delivers a set of integrated services that allow relational queries, search, reporting, analytics, integration, and synchronization of data. This can be done by mobile users, remote offices, or business partners.
d x ( 2 y2 + y 3 )-=-(4xy+3xy dt 2 d Y
EXAMPLE Oracle 9i
0 2 2 0
struct stype1 { int a, b; }; struct stype2 { int a, b; }; stype1 svar1; stype2 svar2; svar2 = svar1; // Error - type mismatch
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