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Shore-power connection
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Customer service means talking on the phone to players and helping them solve technical problems with their games. It requires great familiarity with the games, considerable technical competence, and unbelievable patience. As with warranty returns, it s a good way to get your foot in the door while you re hoping to get the attention of someone in testing or production. Customer service is actually pretty good training for testing. Not only do you have to try to figure out what s wrong with some software, you have to do it long distance, without seeing the screen in front of you! It takes a fair amount of imagination and analytical skill to diagnose a software problem over the phone.
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As you may know from your previous programming experience, it is quite easy to accidentally type something incorrectly when entering code into your computer. Fortunately, if you enter something incorrectly into your program, the compiler will report a syntax error message when it tries to compile it. Most C++ compilers attempt to make sense out of your source code no matter what you have written. For this reason, the error that is reported may not always reflect the actual cause of the problem. In the preceding program, for example, an accidental omission of the opening curly brace after main( ) will cause some compilers to report the cout statement as the source of a syntax error. Therefore, when you receive a syntax error message, be prepared to look at the two or three lines of code that precede the point at which the error is flagged.
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When you re editing an image with several layers, undock the Layers palette and drag it to the desired position in the workspace so it s readily at hand when you need to add or edit layers.
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Each part of the Lens effect is rendered to a frozen object, which can be ungrouped.
D T N new inspiration and guidance and to rotate board members who can contribute the most appropriate input at the most appropriate time. Someone who is a valued contributor to your life board of directors today may not be the best adviser for you 2 years from now. By keeping your board fresh and keep it moving forward, you will be cultivating people in your life who will generously feed your mind, body, and soul.
IRS Forms EV Tax Credits
6. Obtain the coef cient matrix [p] as follows:
are in this particular cube the default values for each dimension. This is because the developer, before starting the Decomposition Tree Wizard, reset everything in the view to the defaults. This is accomplished by clicking on the Reset button on the toolbar. The reason why the developer would choose to reset everything to the defaults is simple yet important: the wizard will take the values of the current view as the starting point. In other words, if the year had been set to 2001 instead of the All level, the decomp would contain data for only the year 2001. Some developers and analysts jump into the decomp without realizing that they have inadvertently filtered the data based on selections made on a view. They assume, incorrectly, that the wizard will always start with default values of the All levels for all the dimensions. In order to ensure this, it is important to reset the current view using the Reset button. There are times, of course, that developers and users choose to start with values other than the All members, and this will be discussed in a moment. In order to filter any particular background dimension, the developer or user can click on the Change button. This opens the Grouping Items Editor, also shown in Figure 6-43. From here, the user can choose a member from any dimension to use as a filter. You should understand that this means a single member. Unlike the background for a chart or grid, the decomp doesn t allow multiple selections and sum them together, nor does it add a slicer to the top of the screen. Therefore, background selections must be single members of the dimension. Figure 6-43 showed that the selections made in the wizard were a measure of Internet Sales Amount and a hierarchy called Customer Geography. Leaving all other values set to the defaults and completing the wizard takes the user to a relatively barren screen containing just a single box at the top, along with a small chart at the bottom containing just a single bar. The box at the top is labeled All Customers and shows a value of 29M and a percentage of 100. Hovering the mouse over this box reveals additional details, such as the exact value. Clicking once on this box is roughly analogous to expanding on a grid; the parent remains while the children are now shown. In this case, the first level below the All level is Country, and there are six countries that appear. The first country listed is the United States because it has the largest value. The values are always shown sorted from highest to lowest. While both the United States and Australia boxes show amounts of 9M, hovering over them will display the actual values. In addition, the United States has a 32% in its box while Australia has 31%. That means that the United States accounts for 32% of all the sales of its parent, or in this case the All level. Clicking on the box labeled Germany opens up the State-Province level, showing the provinces of Germany. Hessen is the largest province in terms of the measure called Internet Sales Amount. Hovering the mouse over Hessen displays a popup window as shown in Figure 6-44. This pop-up displays the actual value of $794,876.08, as well as some additional information. The first piece of information
Mixer Design
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28.2.2 Selecting and using a power meter
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