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So in this case, the kinetic energy can be described solely in terms of the moment of inertia of the body about the xed point O (often called the polar moment of inertia about the point O). The moment of inertia has units of mass length2 such as lbm-in2 or kg2. Planar motion is typically described by a combination of the velocity at the body s center of mass (or center of gravity) and the angular velocity of the body. There is an
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The multiplier value is a positive integer. By default, the variance is equal to one. To use an unequal-cost path (less preferred), the router multiplies the best metric path (feasible distance) by the multiplier value; if the less preferred path s metric (advertised distance) is less than this value, the router will include it in the routing table along with the best metric path. The multiplier can range from 1 to 128. The default is 1, which means the EIGRP router will use only the best metric path(s). If you increase the multiplier, the router will use any route that has a metric less than the best metric route multiplied by the variance value. Care must be taken, however, to ensure that you do not set a variance value too high; otherwise routing loops may accidentally be created. To illustrate how this is used, examine Table 21-2. In this example, three neighbors are advertising the same route,, to your router. By default, RouterB has the best feasible distance and is thus used in your router s routing table as a successor route. If you set the variance to 2, then RouterC s alternative path could also be included in the routing table along with RouterB s successor route:
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Value Syntax visible | hidden | scroll | auto | inherit Initial Value visible Percentages n/a Inherited no Applies to
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Time Ranges Shows and hides the display of the Time Ranges pane, which is only available for the Access Rules, Service Policy Rules, AAA Rules, and Filter Rules panes in the Configuration screen. Global Pools Shows and hides the display of the Global Pools pane, which is only available for the NAT Rules pane in the Configuration screen. Find in ASDM Back Forward Locates an item for which you are searching. Goes back to the previous screen. Moves forward to a more recent screen. Returns the layout to the default configuration. Changes screen fonts and colors to the Microsoft Office
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V.35 HSSI EIA449/422
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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The term BD is often applied both to the BD family as a whole and specifically to the HDMV and BD-J video application formats, which together are often called BDMV. This book follows the same convention for simplicity and readability but only when unambiguous. When a clear distinction is needed, this book uses precise terms, such as, BD-ROM for replicated (pre-recorded) discs; HDMV, BD-J (BD-Java), or BDAV for application formats; and BD-R or BD-RE for write-once and rewritable formats, respectively.
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1:1 span, dedicated SPRING or dedicated mesh protection Shared SPRING or mesh protection
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Radio Bonding Throughhull Ground plate Isolated
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The output is shown here:
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ServiceControlResponse (SCR)
You can use a number of tricks while navigating through a selection of objects or for selecting more than one object at a time using the Pick Tool. Most of these techniques involve holding modifier keys while clicking or click-dragging to select more (or fewer) shapes or objects. Many of these object-selection techniques can also be used in combination with each other. Here s how you can make a selection of more than one object in one fell swoop.
FIGURE 18-1 A document in InfoView
As the preceding client decision matrix indicates, even if a PC is considered XenApp capable, it may be removed from a user s desktop strictly through consideration of the user s need. Why do this When the total cost of ownership is examined for any desktop PC versus any thin client, the reason becomes clear. Even a new PC with plenty of book value costs far more to support than a thin client. The gist is that a PC is far more prone to spawn a call to the help desk due to an application or operating system problem than is a thin client, on which very little can go wrong. The idea behind a reassignment pool is to create a standard for PCs to be used in your organization and assign the PCs to those users with a legitimate need. As PCs come in, they can be evaluated for reuse, rebuilt to the proper specifications, and cloned with a standard image of the operating system, web browser, and the ICA client. The standard image contains the base operating system in as locked down a state as possible, the Citrix client, a web browser, and whatever other minimal applications are needed. The user s specific application can then be loaded. This sounds like a lot of work, and it is. But it is far less work in the long run to deliver a PC in a known state than to deal with one in an unknown state later in the field.
limits directly affect the number of mobiles that pass the final test with a high degree of confidence that they will meet their design specifications. This is known as the process yield. Using a specification budget ensures that failures occurring at final test and sample QA do not result from measurement problems. The specification budget can be used during the design of a manufacturing line as a tool to help select test equipment. Figure 18.5 illustrates the principles of a specification budget. Budgets sometimes are single-ended (as shown), often symmetrical (simply add a reflection of the diagram to the left of the page), and occasionally asymmetric. The room temperature specification usually is the value determined by the regulatory authorities controlling the standard. In the case of GSM900 mobiles, one example would be transmitter output power, which for most levels has to be within 3 dB of the nominal value. This specification is driven by the ETSI GSM 05.05 (ETS 300 577) specification for the RF interface. The full environmental specification is generally looser than that for room temperature ( 4 dB in our example) and is also found in the GSM 05.05 specification. The exact environmental conditions of temperature, humidity, and vibration are also specified in ETSI documents. To pass Type Approval, the mobile must be capable of meeting both the room temperature and the full environmental specifications. If a particular manufacturer s environmental drift is greater than that anticipated by GSM 05.05, it will be necessary for the manufacturer to tighten the manufacturing room temperature specifications to ensure all mobiles, if tested, could meet the full environmental specification. The value for environmental drift will have been obtained from a sample of mobiles tested during the development phase. The manufacturing test pass/fail limit is used to reject unacceptable mobiles during the manufacturing process. It is calculated from the room temperature specification by subtracting the measurement uncertainty. Measurement uncertainty is determined
Technically, register is only a request to the compiler, which the compiler is free to ignore. The reason for this is easy to understand: There is a finite number of registers (or fast-access memory), and these may differ from environment to environment. Thus, if the compiler runs out of fast access memory, it simply stores the variable normally. Generally, this causes no harm, but of course the register advantage is lost. Since only a limited number of variables can actually be granted the fastest access, it is important to choose carefully those to which you apply the register modifier. (Only by choosing the right variables can you gain the greatest increase in performance.) In general, the more often a variable is accessed, the more benefit there will be to optimizing it as a register variable. For this reason, variables that control or are accessed within loops are good variables to declare as register. The following example uses a register variable of type int to control a loop. This function computes the result e of m for integers, while preserving the sign. Thus, 2 squared is 4.
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