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In actuality, the preceding statement is shorthand for this one:
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the front-end proxy steers the request to the appropriate proxy that is caching that subject. This array then acts to share the load and provides for backup in case of a proxy failure.
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The prototype for fopen( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The fopen( ) function opens a file whose name is pointed to by fname and returns the stream that is associated with it. The type of operations that are allowed on the file are defined by the value of mode. The legal values for mode are shown in Table 11-1. The parameter fname must be a string of characters that constitutes a valid filename and can include a path specification.
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Response Syntax The previous example command leads to a fairly simple
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Using Events
The U P D A T E statement allows one or more rows to be changed, as shown in Exam ples 4 . 4 4 and 4.45. A n y number o f columns can be changed, although typically only o n e column at a time is changed. W h e n changing the primary key, update rules o n referenced rows may not allow the operation.
In this example, because B is inherited by D and because i and j are declared as protected in B, the SetK( ) method can access them. If i and j had been declared as private by B, then D would not have access to them and the program would not compile. Like public and private, protected status stays with a member no matter how many layers of inheritance are involved. Therefore, when a derived class is used as a base class for another
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
3-dimensional view
Almost every nation in the world has at least a national standards organization; developed countries may have more than one, plus industry associations. These national standards bodies may be grouped into regional organizations before connecting to the world communications standards of the ITU, the ITU-T (telecommunications), and the ITU-R (radio). This is by no means an exhaustive list. The World Wide Web is such a rich source of links to other relevant sources, however, that from one of these starting points, any standards organization ought to be locatable. ANSI American National Standards Institute (New York) (links to T1 and X3 committees) ATM Forum Asynchronous Transfer Mode Forum (Mountain View, Calif.)
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