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#include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int num, q; int *p; num = 100; /* num is assigned 100 */ p = # /* p receives num's address */ q = *p; /* q is assigned num's value indirectly through p */ printf("%d", q); /* prints 100 */ return 0; }
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It is not necessary for both the Vehicle and the VehicleDemo classes to actually be in the same source file. You could put each class in its own file, called Vehicle.cs and VehicleDemo.cs, for example. Just tell the C# compiler to compile both files and link them together. For example, you could use this command line to compile the program if you split it into two pieces as just described:
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12.19.10 Rocker Bearings
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In object-oriented programming it is sometimes helpful to define what a class must do, but not how it will do it. You have already seen an example of this: the abstract method. An abstract method declares the return type and signature for a method, but provides no implementation. A derived class must provide its own implementation of each abstract method defined by its base class. Thus, an abstract method specifies the interface to the method, but not the implementation. Although abstract classes and methods are useful, it is possible to take this concept a step further. In C#, you can fully separate a class interface from its implementation by using the keyword interface. Interfaces are syntactically similar to abstract classes. However, in an interface, no method can include a body. That is, an interface provides no implementation whatsoever. It specifies what must be done, but not how. Once an interface is defined, any number of classes can implement it. Also, one class can implement any number of interfaces. To implement an interface, a class must provide bodies (implementations) for the methods described by the interface. Each class is free to determine the details of its own implementation. Thus, two classes might implement the same interface in different ways, but each class still supports the same set of methods. Therefore, code that has knowledge of the interface can use objects of either class since the interface to those objects is the same. By providing the interface, C# allows you to fully utilize the one interface, multiple methods aspect of polymorphism.
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Figure 12.7 Extent of riprap/geotextile lter at pier footings.
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8: Biometric Liveness Testing
BD-R/RE Recording
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