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This one has a basis in historical reality, because the first home consoles were chiefly marketed as toys, and the games were too simple to have themes of interest to adults. Children and teens still make up a large part of the player base of video games: 34 percent of PC gamers and 45 percent of console gamers are under 18. However, this doesn t mean they re the ones actually purchasing the games. Only 4 percent of console game buyers are under 18, and only 10 percent of PC game buyers. Parents are very involved in determining what games kids play. Video games are clearly no longer just for kids, though. The market has changed. There are now people in their 30s and 40s who grew up playing video games, and the age of the average gamer is now 28. Adults who grew up with video games want grown-up stories and characters. It can be hard to provide them, sometimes the victory/defeat metaphor doesn t always lend itself to conveying the subtlety of adult
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Data integration or extract, transform, and load (ETL) tools used to be distinct from the BI suite, and with some vendors, they still are. Their job is to take the data from the source ERP or transaction system and then to cleanse and aggregate it to load in a data warehouse or data mart. Simply getting the data into an OLAP database or RDBMS does not in itself provide business value. As business users attempt to answer questions with the data, the ETL process often changes to extract more data, clean the data, or transform it to add robust business calculations.
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highway code is implemented. The changes can be either less or more based on experience, judgment, and special conditions present in that state. For projects funded by federal programs, AASHTO speci cations must be followed. The highway agency can approve design modi cations when planning a new bridge based on prevailing clearances of bridges located on that highway.
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
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Jagged arrays are not used by all applications, but they can be effective in some situations. For example, if you need a very large two-dimensional array that is sparsely populated (that is, one in which not all of the elements will be used), then a jagged array might be a perfect solution. One last point: Because jagged arrays are arrays of arrays, there is no restriction that requires that the arrays be one-dimensional. For example, the following creates an array of two-dimensional arrays:
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7.5.6 Safety Considerations
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Minimum Aperture: Maximum Aperture: Minimum Shutter Speed: Maximum Shutter Speed: White Balance: ISO Equivalencies: Removable Memory Included: Power Source:
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The convolution theorem for Laplace transforms is one of the most important tools in the electrical engineer s toolbox. In the time domain, convolution can
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4: Bridges and Switches
The following section provides information regarding the Citrix policies available in the Presentation Server Console. While the policies are configured in the Presentation Server Console, the MetaFrame Component Object Model Software Development Kit (MFCOM SDK) can also be used to facilitate the process. Utilizing the MFCOM SDK is beyond the scope of this chapter. For information about using the MFCOM SDK, see the Citrix Developer Network: Citrix policies are not the same as the Microsoft policies. They are applied on a perICA session, not tied to a specific user account, and can be prioritized to customize which configured policies take precedence when applying configured settings. Presentation Server 4.0 contains 44 specific Citrix policy rules that govern the user experience in the following areas: Bandwidth Client Devices Printing User Workspace Security
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At around the same time the BioAPI Consortium began its work, two other initiatives began, one led by NIST and another by the Accredited Standard Committee X9 (ASC X9) to develop other biometric standards. All three organizations the BioAPI Consortium, the Biometric Consortium, and ASC X9 cooperated in the development of their various standards. In 1999, the Information Technology Laboratory (ITL) of NIST and the Biometric Consortium sponsored a workshop to discuss the potential for reaching industry consensus in a common fingerprint template format. As a result of the workshop, the participants agreed to develop a technology-neutral biometric file format to facilitate handling different biometric types, versions, and biometric data structures in a common way. Working in cooperation with the BioAPI Consortium and ASC X9, NIST published its report in January 2001: NISTIR 6529, Common Biometric Exchange File Format (CBEFF), 2001. Meanwhile, the price of biometric technology was becoming more affordable and its reliability was increasing such that the financial industry determined an X9 security standard for biometric was needed. The new work item was assigned to the X9F4 working group in early 1999. The resulting X9.84 standard successfully completed its ballot in December 2000 and was finally published in March 2001: American National Standard X9.84-2001 Biometric Information Management and Security X9.84 defines the requirements for managing and securing biometric information (for example, fingerprint, iriscan, voiceprint) for use in the financial industry (for example, customer identification, employee verification). Furthermore, the standard identifies techniques (for example, digital signatures, encryption) to provide integrity and maintain privacy of biometric data. The standard also provides a comprehensive set of control objectives to validate a biometric system, suitable for use by a professional audit practitioner. The standard purposely avoids any technology or vendor-specific issues, such as countermeasure technology that might test for liveliness of the individual. This is considered part of the vendor s value add. The standard also identifies the International Biometrics Industry Association (IBIA) as the Registration Authority for Object Identifiers (OID) intended to be kept synchronized with the BioAPI Format Owners and Format Types values. In March 2002, there were 13 registered CBEFF format owners; at present (October 2002) there are approximately 21 registered format owners. (For more information, go to The BioAPI Consortium continued to refine its work and a revised specification was published a year later in 2001. BioAPI Specification, version 1.1, 2001 The interplay of the three standards is rather subtle. The BioAPI specification defines an API that provides a set of high-level abstractions (for example, Enroll, Verify, Identify), a set of
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In 5, we talked about the various steps required in the installation of wiring for your security system s components. Now, we ll talk about how to physically place those sensors and how to connect them to the wiring you ve already strung through your Smart Home. 0 MINUTES
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Arrays are common in programming because they let you deal easily with large numbers of related variables. For example, the following program finds the average of the set of values stored in the nums array by cycling through the array using a for loop:
2. Retropubic bladder neck suspension (Burch or Marshall Marchetti Krantz [MMK] colposuspension) 3. Sling procedures 4. Periurethral bulking injections Should an indwelling urinary catheter be used to alleviate symptoms of incontinence Describe the midurethral anti-incontinence procedures As these are associated with high morbidity, they should only be considered in select cases as a last resort These are minimally invasive, vaginal surgical procedures using synthetic mesh material placed at the level of the midurethra in a tensionfree manner Postoperative voiding dysfunction Urinary retention Erosion of mesh material An abdominal procedure that uses the periurethral vaginal tissue to support the urethrovesical junction via sutures to Cooper s ligament (Burch) or to the pubic symphysis (MMK) Enterocele formation; postoperative voiding dysfunction; urinary retention Elevation of the urethrovesical junction and introduction of mechanical compression of the urethra using autologous or synthetic graft material Postoperative voiding dysfunction; urinary retention; erosion of graft material Elevation of the urethrovesical junction and introduction of mechanical compression of the urethra using autologous or synthetic graft material
When there is severe pain or when there is suspicion of malignancy, rupture, or torsion
Digital Versatile Disc format appears on the scene
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User data problems. Problems can arise when user data is not making it through to the endpoint or is somehow being adversely affected. Table 9.8 is a summary table for some typical user data problems and tests to identify and isolate these problems. Of all the types of problems, the most commonly encountered will usually be either Physical layer wiring issues or configuration issues, involving ISDN equipment parameters or subscriber profiles (like SPID). Once the ISDN service is operational, then most problems will occur at the Network level (layer 3) or involve in-depth analysis of the user s data. 9.3.4 Tools and measurements
Citrix XenApp Platinum Edition for Windows: The Official Guide
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