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See the Case Study 1, entitled A Practitioner s Guide to Using Virtual Design and Construction (3D/4D) Tools on Commercial Projects, by Atul Khanzode and Dean Reed of DPR Inc. in Chap. 5 of this book. In her paper entitled Global Teamwork: Cross Disciplinary, Collaborative, Geographically Distributed e-Learning Environment, 1 Dr. Renate Fruchter, founder of the Project Based Learning Lab (PBL) in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University, describes the program she has developed to address the communication and collaboration needs of the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. In her words: The AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) global teamwork program is based on a PBL pedagogical approach, where PBL stands for Problem-, Project-, Product-, Process-, People-Based Learning. PBL is about teaching and learning teamwork in the information age. PBL is a methodology of teaching and learning that focuses on problem based, project organized activities that produce a product for a client. PBL is based on re-engineered processes that bring people from multiple disciplines together. 2 The PBL laboratory program is based on recognition of the fact that more than a building information model is necessary to improve the planning and construction of structures in the 21st century. To prepare students for the tasks that lie ahead in the industry, Dr. Fruchter has set up the PBL lab with its headquarters at Stanford University and its participating students distributed throughout the world. The assignment is for a team of students, who play the roles of an architect, one or two structural engineers, and one or two construction managers, to complete the planning and preparation of a construction project within approximately 5 months. The students come together at the beginning of the period to meet one another personally and to plan their approach to the problem; then they return to their respective home schools and communicate by phone, Internet, etc., and develop their project solution as a team. At the midpoint of the project there is an all team Fishbowl 3 design session, hosted by Stanford, but with most students participating virtually from their home schools. In this session the students watch on their computer screens (Internet connection) and listen (via speaker phone) to the mentors address the teams questions and the various issues critical to the project. Everyone is communicating in real time via various media connections. It gives them an opportunity to see some of the practical areas, in which they lack experience, tackled by professionals with experience. It also is an opportunity to pose questions and provide input that may lead to discussions. At the end of the project all teams physically reconvene at Stanford to present their final solutions and receive critique from the mentors and from one another. The teams are advised and coached by the mentors who are professionals from the industry and have the necessary experience to help the students understand the difficult project issues. The projects simulate actual life experiences; thus someone will play the owner s role so that the design team can learn to interact with the owner. The teams have four challenges: cross-disciplinary teamwork, use of advanced collaboration technology, time management and team coordination, and multicultural collaboration. The cross-disciplinary teams give the students valuable experience and understanding of the various aspects important to a building project; it is an opportunity for the participants to develop an appreciation for each team member s contribution to the overall planning, design, and construction processes.
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Cloud Computing at Work
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Digital Color Theory Put to Practice
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Power Factor
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It will look great but it is wrong. Take the integral of x 2 + x - 2 , using the limits 0 and n 2, and verifi that this is the difference i the areas and the incorrect answer. Thrs is the kind of problem that math professors use to separate the A's from the B's. We've had A's and we've had B's. A's are better.
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Message Length
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The C# Language
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Stop here. Get some paper and start writing now. Recall a time in your life when you dimmed your light for the sake of someone else s low self-esteem. What triggered the situation that made you respond by lessening yourself to appease others How did it make you feel about yourself How did it make you feel about the people involved Do you see a pattern of consistent behavior in which some of the company you keep may be trying to hold you back or bring you down Now contemplate and respond to the questions I mentioned earlier: How will your life change if you become more powerful, more intelligent, more perceptive, and more brilliant than ever And if that happens, what next How will your life change How will all this affect the personal and professional relationships in your life What will people think of you Will people say, Who do you think you are And will you care Your responses to these questions will make up one of the most critical of the navigational compasses within your inner guidance system. This compass will help guide you back to your True North whenever you find yourself in a similar situation.
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Your family heirloom photos aren t the only ones that need help. Today s new pictures, even those taken with the best of digital cameras, rarely come out perfect. There are so many factors involved, from composition to exposure to focus, often applied to a moving target, that imperfections are bound to turn up. With Elements you can fix all but the most egregious goofs. The dust removal, color correction, dodging, burning, and cloning used for old photos are just as handy for new pictures. And here s a half-dozen more of the most useful repairs.
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17.3.1 Air interface
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Borland C++ Builder: The Complete Reference
I/O Functions
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