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Once you complete the Reporting Services portion of the setup, you need to complete some post-installation steps. 1. Install the latest version of Flash for the website report viewer. 2. Install Microsoft Excel (for viewing real-time reports). 3. Install the EdgeSight service pack or updates (Service Pack 2 at the time of this writing).
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6. Locate the sensor(s) where you wish to monitor for moisture problems. As Figure 10-9 shows, we ve placed a sensor near a sump in our Smart Home s basement. To show the contacts on the bottom of the unit, we ve flipped it over. Before the project is completed, we ll flip it back over so the contacts are properly placed.
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The Enterprise Environment: What Needs Securing
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Pay special attention to the query:
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Networking Through the Internet Using System.Net
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Table 4.4 BD and Related Format and Patent Licensing (continued)
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A 36-year-old woman noticed this discoloration on one big toe nail a few months ago. There was no history of trauma even though she jogs three times a week. 1. Gray color diagnoses post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation secondary to trauma. 2. The presence of blood spots rules out melanoma and confirms that this is secondary to the patients jogging. 3. There is no Hutchinson sign, which must be present to diagnose melanoma. 4. The bands have different widths with a loss of parallelism, which suggests this could be a nail apparatus melanoma. 5. The homogeneous light and dark brown bands diagnose a benign nail apparatus nevus.
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TABLE 16-4 Potential Bottlenecks That Affect BusinessObjects XI Response Time
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Answers: 1,2,3,4,5
To Install or Upgrade to Presentation Server 3.0 or 4.0
Frame buffer Frame rate
product_key 123 456 123 123 customer_key 111 111 333 777 time_key 102003 102003 102003 102003 C_Month 500 200 710 900 LY_Month 400 180 300 1000 C_YTD 5000 2000 7100 8000 L_YTD 3850 1800 3000 10000
0.06 sec
Business Intelligence with Microsoft Office PerformancePoint Server 2007
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Digital typeface files can be broken down into two parts: the information about the characters themselves the vector outlines that are pure artistic design work and the coding that allows the characters to run as a small application, so you can type using a font. Copyright issues concerning the ownership of a typeface can also be broken into two parts: what the font looks like and who owns the name. It might sound weird, but you will find several different names for what essentially looks like the same font, because the design of characters in a digital typeface isn t copyrighted, but the brand name is. This strange legality can easily confuse a consumer: for the most part, the Bitstream typefaces on the CorelDRAW CD are trademarked by Bitstream; their names are clear and forthright and easy to look up in any traditional typeface specimen book or on the Web. You ll also see the same font name distributed or owned by different foundries and vendors. In this case, such as with Clarendon, the original character designs were sold as physical artwork ages ago, and several digital foundries traced off the characters, usually embellishing them with their unique style. Almost all the time, if you didn t own Clarendon and wanted to buy it, the smart thing to do would be to shop around and buy the best-priced version of Clarendon. However, a foundry such as Bitstream might have licensed both the design of the font and its name to a different vendor; in this case, Bitstream still offers the typeface, using its original character designs, but offers it using a nonstandard, unique font name. This is why What The Font ! is an invaluable CorelDRAW menu command you might own a typeface but not recognize the unique name! For example, EXOTC 350 on the CorelDRAW CD has a different industry standard name: PEIGNOT. Use Font Navigator and What The Font ! to explore what you own; your personal type case might be better stocked with workaday classic fonts than you imagine.
The C# Language
#define SMALL #if SMALL // ... #undef SMALL // at this point SMALL is undefined.
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