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Information Systems 2.1.1
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CHAPTER 6 Transcendental Functions
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When an interface is disabled because of a violation with port security, you can reset the interface with this Configuration mode command: errdisable recovery cause psecure-violation. The last two commands in the preceding code listing affect how the switch learns the secure MAC addresses on the interface. The first one has you specify the exact MAC address that is allowed to be associated with this interface this is statically defining the MAC addresses allowed off of the port. The second command uses the sticky feature, which allows the switch to dynamically learn the MAC address(es) associated with the interface and convert these dynamic entries to static entries. The interface will learn MAC addresses only up to the maximum configured value for that interface. After you save your configuration (copy running-config startup-config), and when you reboot your switch, the sticky-learned addresses appear as statically secure addresses. Basically, sticky learning lets you avoid having to configure the MAC addresses associated with the interface. If you don t statically define the MAC addresses or use sticky learning to learn them with port security, dynamic learning is used. Dynamic learning is similar to sticky learning in that the switch will learn the MAC addresses dynamically off of the interface up to the maximum defined; however, unlike sticky learning, these addresses are not saved: every time the switch boots up or the interface is reset, the MAC addresses are relearned for the interface.
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The primary objectives of ABC/ABP are constructability, erection, serviceability, durability, maintainability, inspectability, economy, and aesthetics. Detailed objectives are as follows: 1. Develop modern codes and construction speci cations: Construction mistakes, ship collision, scour, design de ciency, overload, fatigue, and earthquake are the main causes of failure. 2. Introduce specialized training of designers and eld staff. Applied mathematical methods and the use of fracture mechanics in design need to be developed and promoted. 3. Monitor construction activities on the critical path for saving time and long-term rehabilitation costs. 4. Ensure safety during construction and a safe bridge for users following its completion. 5. Obtain traf c counts for selecting full or partial detours and apply temporary construction staging. 7. Optimize the size and number of girders and use modern material and equipment. 8. Select pleasant bridge colors and aesthetics to keep America the Beautiful.
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#pragma is an implementationdefined preprocessing directive.
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The Dialogs tab contains Windows' common dialog boxes, like Open and Save As, as shown in Figure 29-8. The components are briefly explained here. OpenDialog SaveDialog OpenPictureDialog Displays the Open dialog box. Displays the Save dialog box. This component is identical to the OpenDialog component, except that it shows only graphic files in the open box and an area for previewing the image. This component is identical to the SaveDialog component, except that it saves graphic files. It also has an area for previewing the image. Displays the font dialog box, where the font type, size, and style information are selected. Displays the color dialog box, where color information can be selected. Displays the print dialog box, where printing information is selected, such as a range of pages. Displays the printer setup dialog box for changing printer settings. Displays the find dialog box for searching for a string. Displays the replace dialog box for finding and replacing strings.
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also the attendant operational expenditure that would have been associated with the provisioning, operationalizing, and managing these multiple devices, each supporting a different technology.
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Google intends to work closely with all members of the web community to converge upon a standard so developers have one consistent API for offline functionality. We re very excited to be collaborating with Google to move the industry forward to a standard cross-platform, cross-browser local storage capability, said Kevin Lynch, senior vice president and chief software architect at Adobe. The Gears API will also be available in Apollo, which enables web applications to run on the desktop, providing developers with consistent offline and local database solutions. This announcement is a significant step forward for web applications, said Brendan Eich, CTO at Mozilla Corporation. We re pleased to see Google working with open source and open standards bodies on offline web applications. Opera and Google share the common goal of making Web applications richer and more robust, said H kon Wium Lie, CTO, Opera Software. Developers have long desired the functionality and flexibility Google Gears can offer browsers. Because Opera has always prioritized giving our users what they want, we re excited to work with Google to extend the reach and power of Web applications. Google Gears builds on the Web s existing programming model by introducing new JavaScript APIs for sophisticated data storage, application caching, and multithreading features. With these APIs, developers can bring offline capabilities to even their most complex web applications. Google Gears works with all major browsers on all major platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux. A sample of Google Gears in use is shown in Figure 11-1. Google Gears is available at http://gears.google.com.
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A stream is linked to a file through an open operation, and is disassociated from a file through a close operation.
Disk Operations
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Integrated advantages:
What is the most common nonobstetric cause of maternal death during pregnancy What is the most common cause of fetal death What is the second most common cause of fetal death What is the management of pregnant women who experienced abdominal trauma
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