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As explained, instance variables and methods are two of the primary constituents of classes. So far, the Building class contains data, but no methods. Although data-only classes are perfectly valid, most classes will have methods. Methods are subroutines that manipulate the data defined by the class and, in many cases, provide access to that data. Typically, other parts of your program will interact with a class through its methods. A method contains one or more statements. In well-written C# code, each method performs only one task. Each method has a name, and it is this name that is used to call the method. In general, you can name a method using any valid identifier that you please. However, remember that Main( ) is reserved for the method that begins execution of your program. Also, don t use C# s keywords for method names. When denoting methods in text, this book has used and will continue to use a convention that has become common when writing about C#. A method will have parentheses after its name. For example, if a method s name is GetVal, then it will be written GetVal( ) when its name is used in a sentence. This notation will help you distinguish variable names from method names in this book. The general form of a method is shown here: access ret-type name(parameter-list) { // body of method } Here, access is an access modifier that governs what other parts of your program can call the method. As explained earlier, the access modifier is optional. If not present, then the method is private to the class in which it is declared. For now, we will declare methods as public so that they can be called by any other code in the program. The ret-type specifies the type of data returned by the method. This can be any valid type, including class types that you create. If the method does not return a value, its return type must be void. The name of the method is specified by name. This can be any legal identifier other than those that would cause conflicts within the current declaration space. The parameter-list is a sequence of type
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FIGURE 13.6.
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference Sets the border to be invisible. In this state, the border may still have width, but it will not be drawn. This is similar to setting the property border-style to be hidden, except that in this case the element s border style is not affected. This keyword must be used alone, and will thus set all four border sides to be invisible. Some border styles may alter the color from what is declared. For example, the Note inset and outset border styles use "highlight" and "shaded" variants of the declared color to give the impression of the element being raised from (or depressed into) the document.
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The Blu-ray specification supports three high-definition video codecs MPEG-2, SMPTE VC-1, and MPEG-4 AVC. That triples the amount of supported video codecs compared to DVD. Although the MPEG-2 codec is very well understood, given its legacy from DVD, the situation is different with VC-1 and AVC. Both of these codecs are considered more advanced and can achieve better compression ratios. In other words, the algorithms used by such advanced codecs are much more complex, but as a result, a better video quality can be achieved with much lower data rates. In addition to the various video codecs, there are also a number of resolutions and frame rates to choose from. The full high-definition resolution (also known as Full HD) of 1920 1080 pixels is supported, but Blu-ray also allows for smaller resolutions to be used, such as, 1280 720, 720 576 (PAL), and 720 480 (NTSC). This begs the question of how these different resolutions and, particularly, their aspect ratios, will be rendered on the various screens available (see figure 6.7 and 6.8) For instance, how is 4:3 content rendered on a 16:9 widescreen display, or vice versa Ideally, the aspect ratio of the source content should be respected, otherwise the picture will look distorted. As an example, if the source content is 4:3 and played back on a 16:9 widescreen display, it will be stretched, making the actors look fat . Since that is certainly not desired, the setting on the display should be changed to a pillarbox presentation by adding black bars on the left and right of the picture which remains in the original aspect ratio.
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The prototype for mktime( ) is in <time.h>. The mktime( ) function converts the time pointed to by p into calendar time. The mktime( ) returns the time as a value of type time_t. If no time information is available, then 1 is returned.
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VPNs are not currently emphasized on the exam; however, you might be asked a general question about when VPNs are most recommended, the different kinds of VPNs Cisco offers, and some of the basic terms used by a VPN, such as IPSec.
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Frequently, you ll create a path whose segments join at a node in a cusp fashion; the connection is not smooth for example, a crescent moon shape has a least two sharp cusp connections between path segments. When shapes have discontinuous connections when a path abruptly changes direction as it passes through a node you can set the appearance of the node connection through the Outline Pen dialog, the only area in CorelDRAW s interface that offers these options. Therefore, it s always a good idea to remember that double-clicking
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The Bottom Line
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Part I:
What an Analyzer Can Analyze The analyzer accesses all of traffic on the segment. The analyzer accesses only the traffic on the segment of the star to which it is attached. The analyzer sees all the traffic on the ring. The analyzer can be an active participant in the protocol, or it can electrically connect to the ring but not participate. The analyzer sees all traffic on the segment to which it is attached.
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// Demonstrate the Conditional attribute. #define TRIAL using System; using System.Diagnostics; class Test { [Conditional("TRIAL")] void Trial() { Console.WriteLine("Trial version, not for distribution."); } [Conditional("RELEASE")] void Release() { Console.WriteLine("Final release version."); } static void Main() { Test t = new Test(); t.Trial(); // called only if TRIAL is defined t.Release(); // called only if RELEASE is defined } }
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