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This New York hospital has used a hand geometry scanner system for its 8,000 staff for two primary purposes: to monitor time and attendance and to control physical access. The hospital wanted better time and attendance practices because of perceived inaccuracies in bookkeeping. In 1997, the first year of the system s operation, fraud reduction led to an estimated savings of more than $1 million. The use of hand geometry has also contributed to better access control, leading to better building security. A few minor problems have been associated with the hand geometry system. Employees expressed some initial privacy concerns (for example, Is this taking my fingerprints ), but the use of the system has become routine, users have become habituated, and concerns appear to have subsided. Scanning problems can occur due to environmental conditions, such as when the lens or scanning surfaces become dirty. Wearing of bandages, long sleeves, and other add-ons can also distort the hand image, whether during the initial scan for enrollment or during subsequent verifications. Employees data are deleted from the system upon their separation from the hospital.
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2S = (N + 1) + (N + 1) + + (N + 1) + (N + 1) .
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Math defines several standard mathematical operations, such as square root, sine, cosine, and logarithms. The Math class is static, which means all of the methods defined by Math are static and no object of type Math can be constructed. It also means Math is implicitly sealed and cannot be inherited. The methods defined by Math are shown in Table 21-1. All angles are in radians. Math also defines these two fields: public const double E public const double PI E is the value of the natural logarithm base, commonly referred to as e. PI is the value of pi.
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32.4.3 Integrated network management
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FIgure 10-20 Three ways to hold DNA double helix into a superhelical conformation. (a) The ends of a portion of double helix are held in place by a protein. (b) The double helix is wound around a protein complex called a histone. (c) The two ends of the double helix are covalently attached to one another, forming a circular molecule.
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Georgia is close to Florida
// Compute the ranges assuming a full tank of gas. range1 = minivan.FuelCap * minivan.Mpg; range2 = sportscar.FuelCap * sportscar.Mpg; Console.WriteLine("Minivan can carry " + minivan.Passengers + " with a range of " + range1); Console.WriteLine("Sportscar can carry " + sportscar.Passengers + " with a range of " + range2); } }
One solution to this problem is to use the filtering abilities built into a user s web browser. Almost every web browser includes these filtering abilities, like current versions of Mozilla Firefox, Netscape Navigator and Communicator, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This type of filtering typically has two problems, however. First, you must ensure
4. The Detail tab has a slider for sharpening the image as well as sliders for reducing
ciscoasa(config)# access-list EXTERNAL permit tcp any eq 25 ciscoasa(config)# access-list EXTERNAL permit tcp any eq 80 ciscoasa(config)# access-list EXTERNAL deny ip any any ciscoasa(config)# access-group EXTERNAL in interface outside
Total cost is computed over the life of the bridge. Extreme events may or may not apply within the life of the bridge. They may be unforeseen events and include accidents such as vehicle and vessel collision, oods and scour, earthquakes, res, bomb blasts, etc. Life cycle costs are linked to the quality of planning. If the initial cost does not cover all the structural requirements, the life cycle costs for repair and rehabilitation will be much higher. Screening criteria is based on several practical considerations, such as the owner s preference, the local community s preference, and using a merit-based point system. A matrix based on a point system can be used (Table 7.4). The mark for each criterion will be based on engineering judgment, experience, and intuition. The following grading is suggested for each abutment or pier alternate: Condition multiplier Poor 1 Fair 2 Good 3 Very good 4 Excellent 5 A list of viable superstructure or substructure components is rst prepared. Issues may be addressed in the following order of importance and given highest to lowest marks: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Constructability: Ease of construction. Cost: Initial cost. Maintainability and lifecycle cost. Performance: Safety and durability. Compatibility with environment: No adverse impact on environment. Aesthetics: Pleasant appearance. Construction schedule: Minimum period of construction.
When working with charts and grids, it s important to remember that clicking on the member names does not drill down as it does in the Professional client. Clicking on
In the program, pay special attention to the select clause:
Answers: 2,3,5
Following is an explanation of the codes in the complexity matrix: 1. Highest degree of complexity Requires selection of standards and operational concepts, and a full set of interface, functional, and performance requirement specifications. Has the most impact on stakeholders, infrastructure, and business operations. 2. Medium complexity Updated or new concept of operations that has some impact on users, infrastructure, and workflows. 3. Low degree of complexity Changes are usually transparent to users, but interface specifications and performance requirements need technical details.
Do not overtighten or cross-thread a filter when screwing it on a lens.
It is often the case that limitation of a shared medium is its scalability. Examples are some variants of Ethernet and WiFi, which are not very scalable because of their contention-based MAC protocol. However, both WiMAX PHY and MAC are designed such that the network can be scaled significantly without compromising the efficiency of the network. Due to the coordination performed by the BS, almost all the transmissions are scheduled on a predefined basis. Only a small part of the bandwidth is used for contention-based communications. Such efficient allocation of bandwidth ensures that the efficiency with which the available bandwidth can be used is almost independent of the number of SSs in the network. WiMAX does not require the use of a specific RF band and can be used over a large number of RF spectrums. This allows for scaling of the network beyond what can be served by a single band of RF spectrum. In addition, it allows for techniques such as adaptive antenna and beam-forming, allowing for efficient use of the RF spectrum and, in turn, allowing for the network to be scaled. In addition to the scalability of the network in terms of the number of subscribers and total network capacity, WiMAX also enables deployment of services that are very scalable. The bandwidth allocated to a service flow can scale from a few Kbps to the entire bandwidth of the channel. Such allocated bandwidth can also be scaled on a dynamic basis as the need arises and bandwidth becomes available. QoS framework is one of the key aspects of WiMAX that distinguishes it from most other wireless networking standards. As discussed earlier, all services offered by WiMAX are in the context of service flows that have a fairly large set of QoS parameters associated with them. WiMAX also provides scheduling and bandwidth request techniques that facilitate serving the flow as demanded by their QoS parameters.
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