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Recall from 2 that Ethernet, as well as other LAN technologies such as FDDI and Token Ring, use MAC, or hardware, addresses to uniquely identify devices on a segment (physical or logical). MAC addresses are represented using a hexadecimal addressing scheme. You should be familiar with decimal, binary, and hexadecimal numbering, since you might be expected to convert decimal numbers to binary (and vice versa), decimal to hexadecimal (and vice versa), and binary to hexadecimal (and vice versa).
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the beginning of motion, point B the end of motion, and point P the mid-stroke transition point. APB is the constant velocity line. M is the midpoint between A and P. The sine amplitudes are added to the constant-velocity line in this true cycloidal case. The modi ed cycloidal curve was developed to maximize the orientation of the superimposed sine wave amplitude on the straight line; see geometric construction in b Fig. 3.12b. In this gure, a point D equal to 0.57 the distance is the rst chosen and 2 then is joined to M by a straight line. The base of the sine curve is then constructed
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j DVI (Digital Visual Interface). Present on some BD players and some display
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With last year s budget cuts fully integrated, we ve noted an effect on our performance in several key areas:
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About the CD
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result.x = op1.x - op2.x; // these are integer subtractions result.y = op1.y - op2.y; result.z = op1.z - op2.z;
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Stateful Failover
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Administrative Issues
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you would not be able to compile this program because of the access violation. Although access to alpha by code outside of MyClass is not allowed, methods defined within MyClass can freely access it, as the SetAlpha( ) and GetAlpha( ) methods show. The same is true for beta. The key point is this: A private member can be used freely by other members of its class, but it cannot be accessed by code outside its class. To see how access control can be applied to a more practical example, consider the following program that implements a fail-soft int array in which boundary errors are prevented, thus avoiding a runtime exception. This is accomplished by encapsulating the array as a private member of a class, allowing access to the array only through member methods. With this approach, any attempt to access the array beyond its boundaries can be prevented, with such an attempt failing gracefully (thus resulting in a soft landing rather than a crash ). The fail-soft array is implemented by the FailSoftArray class, shown here:
preceded by ! are comments for the user and are ignored by the simulation programs.
CAMSHAFT ANGLE (DEGREES) PRESSURE ANGLE (DEGREES) 25.3656 26.7994 28.1369 29.3788 30.5262 31.5813 32.5464 33.4244 34.2181 34.9308 35.5657 36.1259 36.6146 37.0347 37.3893 37.6810 37.9126 38.0864 38.2049 38.2702 38.2843 38.2491 38.1663 38.0376 37.8644 37.6480 37.3898 37.0909 36.7523 36.3751 35.9602 1.4565 1.4690 1.4824 1.4967 1.5118 1.5278 1.5446 1.5622 1.5806 1.5997 1.6196 1.6402 1.6614 1.6832 1.7057 1.7287 1.7523 1.7764 1.8009 1.8258 1.8511 1.8768 1.9028 1.9290 1.9554 1.9820 2.0088 2.0356 2.0625 2.0894 2.1162 4.3388 4.6624 4.9812 5.2943 5.6013 5.9014 6.1939 6.4783 6.7538 7.0200 7.2762 7.5219 7.7566 7.9797 8.1907 8.3893 8.5749 8.7472 8.9058 9.0503 9.1805 9.2960 9.3966 9.4822 9.5524 9.6072 9.6464 9.6700 9.6778 9.6700 9.6464 117.2860 115.6628 113.7891 111.6689 109.3069 106.7081 103.8783 100.8235 97.5503 94.0658 90.3776 86.4937 82.4224 78.1727 73.7536 69.1748 64.4462 59.5780 54.5807 49.4653 44.2427 38.9243 33.5217 28.0464 22.5103 16.9255 11.3041 5.6582 0.0000 -5.6582 -11.3041
Driving upstream Scour at pile groups Driving mini piles sheeting or using and at bottom of and constructing mini piles and protection. pile cap. additional pile cap.
Stopping an Iterator
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