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Let s examine the preceding program carefully, beginning with the overloaded operator +. When two objects of type ThreeD are operated on by the + operator, the magnitudes of their respective coordinates are added together, as shown in operator+( ). Notice, however, that this method does not modify the value of either operand. Instead, a new object of type ThreeD, which contains the result of the operation, is returned by the method. To understand why the + operation does not change the contents of either object, think about the standard arithmetic + operation as applied like this: 10 + 12. The outcome of this operation is 22, but neither 10 nor 12 is changed by it. Although there is no rule that prevents an overloaded operator from altering the value of one of its operands, it is best for the actions of an overloaded operator to be consistent with its usual meaning. Notice that operator+( ) returns an object of type ThreeD. Although the method could have returned any valid C# type, the fact that it returns a ThreeD object allows the + operator
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In this case, since 10 is less than 11, the conditional expression is true, and WriteLine( ) will execute. However, consider the following:
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Ping uses ICMP echo messages to initiate the test. If the destination is reachable, the destination responds with an echo reply message
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Error = false; return a[index - lowerBound]; } else { Error = true; return 0; } } // This is the set accessor. set { if(ok(index)) { a[index - lowerBound] = value; Error = false; } else Error = true; } }
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Scheduling a Document
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One of the most common tools used by network administrators to manage their devices remotely is the telnet application. Telnet allows you access to the CLI of a device. However, the problem with telnet is that all information sent between you and the IOS device is sent in clear text, including your username and/or password. Since you don t want someone eavesdropping on your connection and seeing everything you do logging in, viewing the operation of the device, and configuring the device you want to protect yourself by encrypting the traffic. The easiest way to accomplish this is to replace the use of telnet with SSH (secure shell). SSH uses RSA as an encryption algorithm to encrypt any data sent between you and your networking device. SSH is actually disabled, by default, on your IOS device.
DNS Request to load-balanced name
Use the weekly sessions from this book, especially the exercises, to focus
Introduction to Telecommunications Network Measurements Introduction to Telecommunications Network Measurements 101
This program prints the hyperbolic tangent, in one-tenth increments, of the values 1 through 1:
A one-dimensional indexer has this general form: element-type this[int index] { // The get accessor get { // return the value speci ed by index } // The set accessor set { // set the value speci ed by index } }
Soil pressure and seismic resistance play an important role in selecting an abutment type. The following criteria are examined when considering the type of abutment to use. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Performance. Cost. Schedule. Constructability. Environmental impact.
The programming section of the Curriculum Framework is somewhat larger than the others. That s not because programming is more important or more complicated, but because the variety of techniques employed is greater. A 2-D turn-based strategy game may use the exact same animation and audio techniques as a frenetic 2-D shooter, but under the hood it will be completely different. But keep calm: nobody is going to expect you to understand it all. Some of the advanced topics are whole fields of study unto themselves, with their own buildings and faculty! Once you have learned the fundamental techniques, discuss the next step with your advisor and other professors. Obviously, the more you know, the more career options you will have, but it s better to be a real expert in one area than to be a Jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Because the game programming technology is always changing, you should also be ready to prove to a prospective employer that you have learned how to learn in other words, that you ll always be able to learn new technologies. You should never stop learning as a programmer. There are, for example, many unemployed COBOL programmers who never learned to program in any other languages. Don t ever let yourself become a technology dinosaur!
To help you recall the relational algebra operators, Tables 3.31 and 3.32 provide a conve nient summary of the meaning and usage of each operator. You might want to refer to these tables when studying query formulation in later chapters.
Figure 16-12: The typical local installation The local provider will normally advise the customer that the termination must be to a single PC equipped with the NIC card. In the US, the customer owns the package when the installation is completed due to some of the regulatory constraints and the Public Utility Commission rulings. This places the burden of maintenance and diagnostics on the end user rather than the local service provider. In the case of a LAN attachment described previously, the ADSL modem is set to bridge from the LAN to the ATM network interfaces rather than route. In other cases when a LAN is present at the customer location, and the end user wants to connect all the LAN devices to the high-speed outside network for Internet access or private network access, the local carrier may suggest that a proxy server is a requirement. The proxy server (PC dedicated to act in this function) will then act as the gateway to the outside world for all devices attached to the LAN (see Figure 16-13 ).
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