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Pointers to Functions
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Convert Curve To Line
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will chew up an inordinate amount of bandwidth. The project plan must allow for this temporary increased bandwidth requirement during the migration process. (Bandwidth management, including packet prioritization, is often essential in order to ensure adequate performance.) Alternative bandwidth capabilities should also be designed into the system. For instance, if the primary connectivity to remote offices is frame relay, alternative DSL connections to the Internet should be available for backup. The ultimate redundancy is to utilize the unique capabilities of the Citrix application delivery platform to build a disaster recovery solution with multiple failover data centers.
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Using protected Members
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Let h( t) be the height of the ladder at time t and b( t) be the distance of the base of the ladder to the wall at time t. Then the Pythagorean theorem tells us that h( t) 2 + b( t) 2 = 132 . We may differentiate both sides of this equation with respect to the variable t (which is time in minutes) to obtain 2 h( t) h ( t) + 2 b( t) b ( t) = 0. Solving for h ( t) yields h ( t) = b( t) b ( t) . h( t)
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It is important to note that while many people prefer to see charts and grids with empty rows and columns filtered out, this can lead to a couple of issues. First, empty cells still have meaning, and that meaning may range from the fact that there were no values, to the fact that there might be a data problem. Second, the MDX statement that filters out the empty rows or cells can, in some situations, drastically decrease performance. This is not typical but has been seen in some cases in dealing with large cubes (200GB or larger) or very complex cube designs. Therefore, if these options are turned on and performance is an issue, try running the same queries without filtering out the empty rows and columns. Exception Highlighting Exception highlighting is one of the useful features that can allow standard, boring cells to jump out at the user. Good and bad values can be highlighted by changing the background colors and the font style and color so that they are immediately obvious. Up to three conditions can be added to the grid on which exception highlighting can be performed, but note that this is only a limit of the Professional user interface; the underlying engine can support a virtually unlimited number of conditions, so those wishing to perform custom programming against the ProClarity engine are free to allow more than three conditions for exception highlighting. In order to start with exception highlighting, the designer can right-click on the data cells in the grid or outside of the grid; right-clicking on either the row or column headers will not show the Exception Highlighting option. After rightclicking in one of the two proper areas and selecting Exception Highlighting, the Exception Highlighting dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 6-42. Note that the first dropdown box lists the measures that are available in this view. The second dropdown box contains a list of conditions, including equal to, not equal to, between, and so forth. Finally, there is a box to hold the actual value. In Figure 6-42, the view has been changed so that the measure Gross Profit Margin, and both the filter empty rows and filter empty columns buttons have been selected. In addition, the business has decided that any gross profit margin over 40% should be highlighted with a green background, while any gross profit margin of less than zero should have a red background. In order to set this up, a designer would set the first condition to have a measure of Gross Profit Margin (the only one available in this case), the condition to greater than, and the value to 40. In order to set the background as green, the developer would click the Configure Highlight Format button causing a new dialog box to appear that allows for the background color, font color, font type, font size, and font styles to be set. After setting up the first condition, the developer would click the Add button to add the second condition. Figure 6-42 shows the final settings for the Exception Highlighting option, and the background shows the cells with their highlights.
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Minimum Aperture: Maximum Aperture: Minimum Shutter Speed: Maximum Shutter Speed: White Balance:
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Capacitance and Inductance
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Scaling Metro Ethernet
In Standard C++, it is also possible to have new return null, instead of having it throw an exception when an allocation failure occurs. This form of new is most useful when you are compiling older code with a modern C++ compiler. It is also valuable when you are replacing calls to malloc( ) with new. (This is common when updating C code to C++.) This form of new is shown here: p_var = new(nothrow) type; Here, p_var is a pointer variable of type type. The nothrow form of new works like the original version of new from years ago. Since it returns null on failure, it can be dropped into older code, without having to add exception handling. However, for new code, exceptions provide a better alternative. The following program shows how to use the new(nothrow) alternative. It reworks the preceding program.
You can customize the number of Undo levels CorelDRAW performs. The default setting records your 20 most recent actions, but this value can be set as high as 99,999 actions (provided your system has the available resources). To access Undo options, open the Options dialog (CTRL+J), and click General.
The revocation-check command specifies how and if CRLs are used. The crl parameter specifies that a CRL is downloaded using HTTP, SCEP, or LDAP from a specified location and cached locally; adding the none parameter specifies that if the CRL cannot be found, then it is not used (CRLs are optional). The ocsp specifies that the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is used instead of CRLs to determine if a certificate has been revoked; adding the none parameter specifies that if the OCSP server cannot be found, then it is not used (OCSP is optional). The none parameter, by itself, specifies that CRLs and OCSP are not used during device authentication. NOTE If when using CRLs or OCSP you don t add the optional none parameter, and the CRL or OSCP server cannot be accessed, authentication of the peer device will fail.
Void Set(Double a, Double b) Void Show()
Pure rolling between bodies in contact.
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A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
Sony Corporation of America
Performance range specifies the low and high spread of performance for payment purposes. The low point of this range represents minimal performance where performance below this level should not receive incentive payment. The high point of this range represents excellent performance where outstanding performance should receive outstanding pay such as 3x leverage. The performance range of a measure differs from one measure to another, from one job to another, from one company to another, and from one industry to another. As an example, the performance range for an established consumer product is normally very narrow. Salespeople will find it unlikely to sell above 105 percent of goal. Likewise, the chance of falling below 95 percent of goal is also remote. Mature consumer products have a very predictable and narrow performance range. However, new growth industries might have a very wide performance range. As an example, sales of 200 percent over goal might be the norm for exceptional performance while 50 percent of goal might be considered typical minimal performance. Each performance measure has its own performance range. Sales management can best determine the performance range for a given measure by examining its historical range. In Figure 2-9A, the performance range is from 70 to 145 percent. Low performers (10th percentile) perform at or below 70 percent to quota. Excellent performers achieve 145 percent of quota where the
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