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19: Biometrics and the Feasibility of a National ID Card
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Myth: We ll Soon Get Everything From the Internet and Discs Will Go the Way of Dinosaurs
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Dynamic range. A reflectometer is limited by electronic noise in the optical receiver. The noise equivalent power, or NEP, of the reflectometer is the reflected optical power that would cause a hypothetical noiseless receiver to generate an electronic output equivalent to the actual electronic noise. The one-way dynamic range (a) in Figure 28.12 is the displayed difference, in dB, between the initial level P0 of Rayleigh backscatter and the NEP. The backscatter can be measured over the entire length of a fiber only if the total loss of the fiber is less than the one-way dynamic range. The dynamic range of a reflectometer is affected by several measurement conditions. A reflectometer trace typically is constructed as an average of many consecutive
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Point-to-Point or Multipoint-to-Multipoint A list of UNIs (identified via the UNI Identifier service attribute) used with the EVC Yes or No. Specifies whether customer VLAN ID is preserved or not. Yes or No. Specifies whether customer VLAN CoS (802.1p) is preserved or not. Specifies whether unicast frames are Discarded, Delivered Unconditionally or Delivered Conditionally Specifies whether multicast frames are Discarded, Delivered Unconditionally or Delivered Conditionally Specifies whether broadcast frames are Discarded, Delivered Unconditionally or Delivered Conditionally Discard or Tunnel per Protocol Specifies the Frame Delay, Frame Jitter and Frame Loss per EVC or frames within an EVC Identified via their CE-VLAN CoS (802.1p) value
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The ATSC made its proposal for a digital television standard to the US FCC in November 1995, and it was approved at the end of 1996. HDTV, originally promised for the early 1990s, finally concluded its long gestation period in December 1998, only to begin an even longer battle for ascendancy. During the gestation of HDTV, numerous formats were developed to store video digitally and convert it to a standard analog television signal for display. The elephantine size of video is a problem. Uncompressed standard-definition digital television video requires at least 124 million bits per second (Mbps).7 Obviously, some form of compression is needed. Many proprietary and incompatible systems were developed, including Intel s DVI in 1988 (which had been developed earlier by the Sarnoff Institute). That same year, the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) committee was created by Leonardo Chairiglione and Hiroshi Yasuda with the intent to standardize video and audio for CDs. In 1992, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) adopted the standard known as MPEG-1. Audio and video encoded by this method could be squeezed to fit the limited data rate of the single-speed CD format. The notorious MP3 format is a nickname for MPEG-1 Layer III audio. The MPEG committee extended and improved its system to handle high-quality audio/video at higher data rates. MPEG-2 was adopted as an international standard in 1994 and is used by many digital video systems, including DVB and the ATSC s DTV. An updated version of Video CD, called Super Video CD, used MPEG-2 for better quality. MPEG-2 is also the basis of DVD-Video, augmented with the Dolby Digital (AC-3) multichannel audio system, developed as part of the original work of the ATSC.
double pow10(int n) long double pow10l(int n)
Observation of human nature: For a person to make the effort to learn a subject well, it is either necessary to become passionate about that subject, or else make it an absolute necessity to learn it. The skills required to implement the BIM process are different from the already developed abilities we find among many construction industry professionals. Construction managers may typically plan only as much as seems to be absolutely necessary; all too often the construction schedule is a wall decoration in the job trailer. A deep commitment to looking ahead on a project is rare in the construction industry; this is probably due to the perception that the process itself can be fairly unstable. This could also become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The BIM approach includes a level of planning that has strong parallels to forecasting, or at least anticipating, the future of a project. A passion to try to see the future comes naturally to some, but not all; it generally requires a considerable effort to be able to predict with some level of confidence. BIM attracts people with the inclination and aptitude to observe and plan in enough detail to understand a project s current status so that its future can be better visualized (e.g., the champions in the construction firms already using the BIM process). It already has become the role of the university to introduce a person with these skills, in increasing numbers, into the construction industry to fill its needs.
Figure 1-9 Cable-plowing techniques
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law. 3. Explain why water vapor pressure must be subtracted from the barometric pressure. 4. Explain why the pressure equivalent of the heights of the water above and below the initial point must be calculated by dividing the difference in heights by 13.6. 5. Read the entire laboratory activity. Form a hypothesis about how the volume of a gas will change as the temperature is changed. Record your hypothesis on page 111.
TABLE 16-3 Quality Assurance Checklist
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