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Sony s Universal Remote Commander (Photo courtesy Smarthome.com)
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As the output shows, both child threads are using SumIt( ) at the same time on the same object, and the value of sum is corrupted. The effects of lock are summarized here: For any given object, once a lock has been acquired, the object is locked and no other thread can acquire the lock. Other threads trying to acquire the lock on the same object will enter a wait state until the code is unlocked. When a thread leaves the locked block, the object is unlocked.
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Nested dockers can float and you can resize them and access individual dockers from the flyout menu.
low temperature coefficient of dielectric constant (TCK). Figure 10.4 reveals the increased signal attenuation as the loss tangent is increased, causing a slightly lower filter output than expected. (Most quality microwave board materials will have low loss tangents, so perhaps a more adverse effect on a signal at microwave frequencies can be an improperly cleaned PCB, or a solder mask that is placed over the entire PCB board.) Figure 10.5 demonstrates that thickness deviations can change the bandwidth of the filter: Thicker than expected substrates will increase the bandwidth, while a thinner substrate will decrease the bandwidth. Lumped filters will show little noticeable effect with almost any modern substrate material, while distributed filters are very sensitive to dielectric constant, loss tangent, and thickness variations of the PCB s substrate.
The prototypes for these macros are in <stdarg.h>. The va_arg( ), va_start( ), and va_end( ) macros work together to allow a variable number of arguments to be passed to a function. The most common example of a function that takes a variable number of arguments is printf( ). The type va_list is defined by <stdarg.h>. The general procedure for creating a function that can take a variable number of arguments is as follows: The function must have at least one known parameter, but can have more, prior to the variable parameter list. The rightmost known parameter is called the last_parm. The name of the last_parm is used as the second parameter in a call to va_start( ). Before any of the variable-length parameters can be accessed, the argument pointer argptr must be initialized through a call to va_start( ). After that, parameters are returned via calls to va_arg( ) with type being the type of the next parameter. Finally, once all the parameters have been read and prior to returning from the function, a call to va_end( ) must be made to ensure that the stack is properly restored. If va_end( ) is not called, a program crash is very likely.
Web Intelligence 6.5
Who was there I will respond to whoever provides the answers. You saw whom I will consult with whomever I want.
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Working with Text
Figure 13-5: CATV services of the future Shown in this figure is the basic cable coming to the residence. The CATV suppliers have changed their basic architecture from a one-way cable to a two-way cable system using a Fiber Based Backbone (FBB). At the local hub along the route, the cable is then terminated and the HFC equipment delivers the cable to the door interface. At the home (or office), the cable serves the telephony, entertainment, and high-speed data demands of the end user. The cable operator provides the network interface, and the ancillary equipment is then hung off the cable. Subscribers already view these new capabilities with new expectations of high value and more reliable service. As telephone companies (the LECs), long distance companies (the IECs), and the cable companies compete to deliver digital services, a key differentiation will be the quality and reliability of service. Recent acquisition and merger activity shows the IEC and CATV merger taking off as a means of getting to the consumer s door. Ensuring the quality of service requires testing digitally modulated signals. Digital services will revolutionize the way consumers view their CATV suppliers. As in an analog cable TV system, power and interference measurements are essential to maintaining digital cable TV services. Although the effects are different from impairments on an analog television signal, amplifier compression and spurious interference will degrade digital signals.
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A 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Enter company name ===> Stock price: Formula in E8: Charlie $22.00 =INDEX(D2:D5,MATCH(E7,B2:B5,0)) B Company Alpha Baker Charlie Delta C D Price $12.25 $8.50 $22.00 $17.35 E F G
After the sun goes down and total darkness sets in, you have some wonderful picture-taking opportunities available. If you re vacationing in an exciting city, capturing images of the street lights and tourist attractions will provide memories for years to come. In order to photograph night scenes, you ll need to increase the camera ISO rating and/or use a tripod. When you increase the ISO setting, you may end up creating a bit of digital noise. However, sometimes a little digital noise can add to the excitement of a bustling night scene.
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