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Flat shadows also feature opacity and feathering options, both of which dramatically affect the appearance of the shadow. Opacity can be set interactively using the slider control, while either option may be set by using the slider controls available in the Property Bar while the shadow is selected, as shown to the right. The following definitions explain the use of these controls:
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// Insert v2 into v v.insert(p, v2.begin(), v2.end()); cout << "Size after v2's insertion = "; cout << v.size() << endl; cout << "Contents after insert:\n"; for(i=0; i<v.size(); i++) cout << v[i] << " "; cout << endl; return 0; }
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3: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
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Introduction to Business Intelligence
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TABLE 10-3
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XenApp Design
char buf [80] gcvt(10.12, 5, buf);
Vaginal passage of blood-tinged mucus Change in consistency (from firm to soft) Change in position (from posterior to anterior) Progressive effacement (cervix becomes shorter and thinner) Dilation of the internal and external os (from 0 to 10 cm)
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3: Program Control Statements
Game Design
When you take a picture with your digital camera, the camera creates a file name for the image. The file
Interest Expense
them together. For example, you could use this command line to compile the program if you split it into two pieces as just described:
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