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tells SwitchB that it has two active VLANs (the white one and the dark one). SwitchB, on the other hand, has only one active VLAN, and it shares this fact with SwitchA. Given the shared information, both SwitchA and SwitchB realize that the dark VLAN is inactive across their trunk connection and therefore the dark VLAN should be dynamically removed from the trunk s configuration. The nice thing about this feature is that if you happen to activate the dark VLAN on SwitchB by connecting a device to a port on the switch and assigning that port to the dark VLAN, SwitchB will notify SwitchA about the newly active VLAN and both switches will dynamically add the VLAN back to the trunk s configuration. This will allow PC-C, By default, all VLANs PC-D, and the new device to send frames to can traverse a trunk. VTP pruning is used each other, as is shown in Figure 13-10. on trunk connections to dynamically Only a VTP switch in server mode can enable remove VLANs not active between the VTP pruning, and the remaining switches in the two switches. It must be enabled on a VTP domain must be either in VTP server or client server switch and the other switches must mode. If you have transparent mode switches, be either servers or clients. you ll have to prune VLANs off their trunk links manually.
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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What possible sources of error might account for unusual results
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Choose the option from the View drop-down menu that matches the image you are sharpening. Choose Before And After Landscape if the image is wider than it is high, or choose Before And After Portrait if the image is higher than it is wide. Click the Actual Pixels button. This increases the image magnification to 100 percent. Click the Auto button next to Sharpen to apply the default amount of sharpening to the image. Examine the edges of objects in the image. If you re satisfied with the sharpness of the image, click Commit. Alternatively, you can drag the Amount slider to increase the amount of sharpening.
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SNR for Various Modulation Formats Signal-to-noise ratio, dB
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Step 1: Determine Network and Host Requirements
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C# 3.0: The Complete Reference by Herb Schildt, (c) 2009 book2.Title is null. book2 now contains: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, (c) 1932 Red Storm Rising
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P2, Digital Signature and Key Management
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