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Ethernet Bridging
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12These may seem like high prices, but for an introductory high-tech product they are stupendously low.
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Appendix E:
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visible The element is visible. hidden The element is invisible (i.e., completely transparent). The element still exists, so it still affects the document s layout. The visual effect will be that of a blank spot exactly the same size that the visible element would occupy, including any borders or margins. collapse This value causes columns, rows, columns groups, and row groups to be removed from the document, but still affects the layout of the table. Thus, any cells within those rows will affect the widths of columns in the visible portion of the table. The descendant elements of an invisible element may be made visible by setting Note them to visibility: visible. This property is often used in dynamic pages to accomplish such effects as pop-up menus.
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Composite action due to shear connectors Detailing procedures revised in subsequent codes Through girders also used as parapets in old system
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Table 4.2 Comparative solutions using the differential equations approach for two-way bending of a square panel (Poisson ratio = 0). Relative Slab: Beam Stiffness (Beamless deck) Method of Solutions Galerkin solution for partial composite boundary S. J. Fuch s* solution for partial composite boundary Khan s solution for partial composite boundary Khan s solution for full composite boundary Central Slab De ection qL4/D 0.0287 0.0282 0.0285 0.0285 0 Relative Slab: Beam Stiffness (Stiff beams/simply supported) Central Slab De ection qL4/D 0.00456 0.004062 0.004048 0.004049 Central Slab Moment qL2 0.03684 0.03941 0.03604 0.03606
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Once the core structure was built and the new motor shaft adapters were fabricated, we had only two days left until we had to ship the robot to the TLC studios, and we still didn t have a weapon. We decided to go with a reconfigurable front-end attachment approach with the robot. We went with two types of front ends. The first is an articulated scoop/wedge and a reinforced pointed ram. The ram front end was made out of 1/8-inch steel angle irons. They were welded to form a T-cross section with the pointed end facing outwards and a V shape to pierce through opponents. The ram front end was designed for the maze event. The geometry was designed to protect the front tires and allow clearance for going over ramps and speed bumps. The scoop/wedge was made out of 0.090-inch steel, and it was hinged to the robot body with 1/4-inch-thick steel flanges. The wedge front end articulated up and down by gravity. The geometry was designed so that there would be at least a 1/4-inch clearance from the bottom of the scoop and the ground. If Live Wires gets flipped on its back, the wedge will rotate to the new position, so the robot will look identical whether it is upside down or right side up. Figure 14-14 shows a photograph of the robot with the front scoop, side walls, and the aluminum battery boxes next to the motors. In this photo, the back side is removed so that we could drill a hole to allow a finger to get inside the robot to flip a manual power disconnect switch. Figure 14-15 shows a photograph of the inside of the final robot. Note the symmetry of all of the components inside the robot At the rear of the robot, you will notice the manual disconnect switches. The Victor 883s were mounted to the sides code 128 font
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FIGURE 7.3. Visualization of the radius of curvature.
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CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor All-in-One Exam Guide
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We have noted that the derivative may be used to describe a rate of change and also to denote the slope of the tangent line to a graph. These are really two different manifestations of the same thing, for a slope is the rate of change of rise with respect to run (see Section 1.4 on the slope of a line).
Some of these systems offer more control flexibility than traditional R/C systems. The drawback of using these frequencies is that other ground-use systems also transmit at the same frequencies. For example, cordless phones transmit at the 900-MHz and 2.4-GHz frequencies. A cordless phone near your robot could cause radio interference with your robot. Because of this, it is recommended that you use only radio transmitting equipment that has built-in error correction methods that can filter out unwanted information, such as the IFI Robotics system.
Using the Virtual Segment Delete Tool
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There are two modes in which you will likely program your whole-home remote control. First, you need to program it so you can manage your home entertainment system that is, turn on the television set, change the volume on the stereo, and so forth. Second, you ll want to program it so it handles your X10 devices. This section explains how to set up your remote control for both activities. For this exercise, we ll be programming a PUR09 5-in-1 Learning Remote, like the one shown in Figure 16-10. This remote transmits signals in both IR (to control your home entertainment equipment) and RF (to control X10 devices). This remote sells for US$34.99 and just a reminder, in order to control X10 devices, you must buy a separate X10 plug-in RF base. First, we ll set it up to control our Smart Home s home entertainment system, and then we ll configure it to manage our X10 devices.
action to create a continuous line, but after releasing the mouse button, your cursor will still be active. This enables you to continue drawing a straight or curved B zier line using additional clicks, as shown next. A double-click action on your final point defines it as the end point.
a simplefileorganiza tion in which records are stored in insertion order or by key value. Sequential files are sim ple to maintain and pro vide good performance for processing large numbers of records.
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