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Fair allocation of traffic capacity is essential on a fair and equitable basis. The goal of the traffic management scenario is to ensure that no one user would dominate the network; rather, all users would have equal access and an equal shot at using the capacity on demand. Specific goals of delivery can be achieved through committed information capabilities, but the intent is really to fairly arbitrate the traffic capacity and divide it up among multiple users. Traffic management is a set of actions taken by network devices to monitor and control the flow of traffic on the network. A highway, for example, is built to carry a certain amount of traffic. Any more traffic at a given time (a one-hour period for example) causes congestion. Congestion causes frustration and forces some traffic to overflow to other roads. Each stream of traffic onto a network can carry a finite amount of flow. If the flow exceeds the capacity (bandwidth), then actions must be taken to minimize delays (red lights and green lights are used for flow control), control losses, redirect or discard traffic, and prevent collisions.
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int operator()(float f, char *p);
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A single static class member is shared by all objects of that class.
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Figure 9-19
The additive color model describes color using light, not pigments, and a combination of the primary additive colors Red, Green, and Blue, when combined in equal amounts at full intensity, produces white, not black as subtractive CMYK color does. RGB is a common additive color model, and it is not at all intuitive for an artist to use; however, CorelDRAW has different views of the RGB color model that make it easy and intuitive to work with. Because a color model only does one thing it shows a mathematical relationship between values that are intangible the visualization of the relationship between Red, Green, and Blue can use any model anyone cares to use, with the goal being to make color picking and color relationships as painless as possible to perform! Figure 19-1 shows the default view of the Uniform Fill dialog. When you first install CorelDRAW, it s optimized for print, both with your view of the drawing window, and with the CMYK color model offered on the Uniform Fill dialog. If you do Web work and zero print work, this chapter walks you through how to customize your onscreen display and your color choices for the RGB color model.
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