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The ping should fail. Examine the interface on the 2600-1: show interface fa0/0. The interface is enabled, but it has an incorrect IP address: Fix the IP address: configure terminal, interface fa0/0, ip address, and end. Verify the IP address: show interface fa0/0. 5. Retest connectivity with ping. Retry the ping test: ping The ping should be successful. Save the configuration on the router: copy running-config startup-config. 6. Test connectivity from Host-1 to Host-3 with ping, as well as to the default gateway. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eStations icon and choose Host-1. On Host-1, ping Host-3: ping Note that the ping still fails. 7. Examine Host-3 s IP configuration. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eStations icon and choose Host-3. Examine the IP configuration on Host-3 by executing ipconfig /all. Make sure the IP addressing information is correct: IP address of, subnet mask of, and default gateway address of 8. Test connectivity from Host-3 to its default gateway. Ping the default gateway address: ping The ping should fail, indicating that there is a problem between Host-3 and the 2600-2. In this example, assume layer 2 is functioning correctly; therefore, it must be a problem with the 2600-2. 9. Check the interface statuses and IP configuration on the 2600-2. At the top of the simulator in the menu bar, click the eRouters icon and choose 2600-2. Check the status of the interfaces: show interfaces. Notice that the fa0/0 is disabled, but s0 is enabled (up and up). Go into fa0/0 and enable it: configure terminal, interface fa0/0, no shutdown, and end. Verify the status of the fa0/0 interface: show interface fa0/0. 10. Verify connectivity from the 2600-2 to the 2600-1. Try pinging Host-3: ping The ping should succeed. Try pinging the 2600-1 s s0 interface: ping The ping succeeds.
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where mappedIP is the IP address you have assigned for the mapped IP address, and mappedIPSubnet is the subnet mask. 9. Set the default gateway by typing the following:
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host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) An intrusion detection system (IDS) that is installed on a system and watches for anomalies that could be signs of intrusion. See also intrusion detection system (IDS). hot site An alternate processing center where backup systems are already running and in some state of near-readiness to assume production workload. The systems at a hot site most likely have application software and database management software already loaded and running, perhaps even at the same patch levels as the systems in the primary processing center. hub An Ethernet network device that is used to connect devices to the network. A hub can be thought of as a multiport repeater. humidity The amount of water moisture in the air.
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Figure 6.13 A second-order top
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foreach(IGrouping<string, string> sites in webAddrs) { Console.WriteLine("Websites grouped by " + sites.Key); foreach(string site in sites) Console.WriteLine(" " + site); Console.WriteLine(); }
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Transformative Challenges: Paradoxes Paradoxes, or apparent contradictions, pose frustrating yet motivating dilemmas for learners. The learner s paradox is this: The learner truly wants something and believes that his or her behavior is designed to achieve that result. However, more often than not, the learner s own behavior is the primary impediment to the achievement of the desired goal. After developers issue a paradoxical challenge, they need to remain silent so that learners feel compelled to resolve the paradox themselves. Developers who are learning the paradoxical challenge technique can use the following structure: Although you say you want X, your behavior actually creates Y. The following example illustrates how to use the paradox technique to stimulate learners to change.
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where f is the frequency of the input voltage Vin (RMS) when Xc R. This is called the cut-off frequency of this simple low-pass lter, which is often referred to as a basic integrator. The attenuation in output voltage at this frequency may be calculated as follows using the voltage divider theorem: Vout Xc _____ (V ) in Rj Xc where RjX c is 90 leading
Part I:
not the background to be selected, but this is how you do it. Then click additional color slots, and add areas that you want masked but that aren t. Here you can see the scarecrow almost completely unselected (masked).
In this chapter you ll learn how to describe and buy clothing in just the right size. You ll also learn how to give your opinion about items you see, and how to use demonstrative pronouns.
incapable of supporting the use of cable modems. As an interim measure, some CATV operators initially marketed cable modems that used the public switched telephone network (PSTN) for uplink communications, while downlink communications occurred via the coaxial-cable infrastructure. Because this represents an interim solution as CATV operators invest billions of dollars in upgrading their infrastructure to support bidirectional data services, we will focus on the use of bidirectional transmission over the CATV infrastructure in the remainder of this chapter. Now that we have a general idea of how the original CATV network infrastructure was designed, let s focus on the evolving telephone and CATV network infrastructure. In so doing, we will note the routing of fiber to the neighborhood, including the practicality of fiber to the curb and fiber to the home.
1. Utilization of an emitter resistor is avoided at VHF and above because its small inductance would create instability and decrease gain. A stripline opposed emitter (SOE) transistor package helps minimize this inductive effect in the transistor s leads themselves. However, some series lead inductance will improve stability at lower frequencies. For instance, at 2 GHz an inductance of up to 2 nH is good, but this value is usually present on the bare emitter leads and the plated via hole to ground anyway. 2. The collector-to-base breakdown voltage of a transistor should be chosen to be about 3 times its VCC. 3. S21 will fall at 6 dB/octave in any active device, which translates into high gain at low frequencies. This can mean low-frequency instability, necessitating a gain flattening network in the transistor s base circuit (See Gain Flattening in Sec. 3.2.2). 3.4 MMICs
The horizontal component of the force is FH = (701b)cos20 = 66 lb. Write cos 20' = -% solve for FH . and 70 lb The vertical componemt of the force is Fv = (70 lb)sin20 = 24 lb. Notice that the horizontal force and the vertical force do not add up to the 70 Ib. The reason for this is that they are not in the same direction. C r a n m a u e quantities have eti e s r d this directional property. To describe motion or force it is necessary to add a direction. If you move 3 f and then 4 ft you will be at very different positions relative to your starting point if you make both moves either in a straight line, at right angles to one other or first forward and then backward. Depending on the angle between the subsequent moves you will be anywhere fiom 1 to 7 f from your starting point. To describe temperature no such direction is required. Tempexatwe is just a number while motion requires a number plus a direction for complete description. The components of the force are the sides of a right triangle and as such their squares should add up to the square of the hypotenuse (Pythagorean theorem).
Neutral wire (White)
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